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Prezi Demo

Community Development Day

Alana Aldred

on 20 March 2012

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Transcript of Prezi Demo

Zoom in for detail Prezi is a web-based presentation tool Freedom of layout Wave goodbye to
presentation slides! allows you to leave the presentation pathway at any point to explore additional content at anytime and return to it when you are done Prezi is an alternative to PowerPoint ? What can do? Timelines Concepts Explore images Evaluation Application: The use of previously learned information in new and concrete situations to solve problems that have single or best answers.

Acts; administers; applies; articulates; assesses; charts; collects; computes; constructs; contributes; controls; demonstrates; determines; develops; discovers; establishes; extends; implements; includes; informs; instructs; operationalizes; participates; predicts; prepares; preserves; produces; projects; provides; relates; reports; shows; solves; teaches; transfers; uses; utilizes. Analysis: The breaking down of informational materials into their component parts, examining (and trying to understand the organizational structure of) such information to develop divergent conclusions by identifying motives or causes, making inferences, and/or finding evidence to support generalizations.

Analyzes; breaks down; categorizes; compares; contrasts; correlates; diagrams; differentiates; discriminates; distinguishes; focuses; illustrates; infers; limits; outlines; points out; prioritizes; recognizes; separates; subdivides. Synthesis Comprehension Synthesis: Creatively or divergently applying prior knowledge and skills to produce a new or original whole.

Adapts; anticipates; collaborates; combines; communicates; compiles; composes; creates; designs; develops; devises; expresses; facilitates; formulates; generates; hypothesizes; incorporates; individualizes; initiates; integrates; intervenes; invents; models; modifies; negotiates; plans; progresses; rearranges; reconstructs; reinforces; reorganizes; revises; structures; substitutes; validates. Knowledge Evaluation (On same level as synthesis?): Judging the value of material based on personal values/opinions, resulting in an end product, with a given purpose, without real right or wrong answers.

Appraises; compares & contrasts; concludes; criticizes; critiques; decides; defends; interprets; judges; justifies; reframes; supports.

Knowledge of terminology; specific facts; ways and means of dealing with specifics (conventions, trends and sequences, classifications and categories, criteria, methodology); universals and abstractions in a field (principles and generalizations, theories and structures): Knowledge is (here) defined as the remembering (recalling) of appropriate, previously learned information.

Defines; describes; enumerates; identifies; labels; lists; matches; names; reads; records; reproduces; selects; states; views; writes. Analysis Application Prezi can help you explore
in more detail: Embed videos Comprehension: Grasping (understanding) the meaning of informational materials.

Classifies; cites; converts; describes; discusses; estimates; explains; generalizes; gives examples; illustrates; makes sense out of; paraphrases; restates (in own words); summarizes; traces; understands. 2000........................2001........................2002........................2003 Another interesting point ? Another comment here Idea! Idea! Idea! Idea! Brainstorm Important point demo ? Zoom in to emphasise
detail or create a surprise Enhance interactivity Why use Create mind maps Non-linear structure &
unlimited white board What is An easy to use, unique and flexible application that allows you to create stunning presentations without limitations your academic practice project funding,
publications, initiatives to an unlimited canvas say Re-size Rotate A collaboration tool for teachers and students How to use Bubble menu Choose the style
of your Prezi Transformation
zebra Place items freely Upload media files arrow
highlighter PDF JPG PNG GIF FLV or F4V Insert files and shapes Add Frames around your content to group and emphasise information By using the Path tool you can create the navigation of your Prezi Use the Show tool
to present your Prezi Zoom in to... Zoom out for... Focus on information –verb (used with object)
9. to relate or report with complete particulars; tell fully and distinctly. Organisation structures students to student feedback to key policies and documents your teaching with technology Evaluation SWF focus! Community Development Day
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