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on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of NEW MEXICO

Fun facts
Oil,coal,natural gas and copper are found in the state
New Mexico is the fifth largest state

Sante fe was founded in 1610
new mexico has lots of democrats and republicins
In 2010 new mexico gross domestic product was $79.7 billion
There is a balloon festival in Albuquerque
New miexicans are mostly in service jobs
Minning is also in the states economy
The area is 121,598 square miles
The state has four main regions the rocky mountains the Colorado plateau the basin and rage providence

the states Maine river is the Rio Grande
One of the best civil rights fighter is Jose Armas he lives there
More people were killed by lightning in new Mexico
than any other state
google is awesome
New Mexico has far more sheep and cattle than any other state
The biggest balloon festival in the world takes place in New mexico
and i went there
goes threw texas
the pueblo revolt takes its place in 1680
New mexico becomes the 47th state in 1912
The battle of glorina takes place in 1862
road map
political map
economic map
geographic map
New mexico is located in the south west and western regions of the united states

Govoner is Susana Martinez
susana martinez was born in texas
google rocks
road trip distance
Albuquerque to texas is 495 mi
texas to glorina is 481 mi
glorina to texas 481 mi

texas to wce 722 mi
total distance 2079
Sandia peak tranway
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