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The Amazon Rainforest

Neo Wei Lin

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Geography

Background information Boundary of the Amazon Rainforest Deforestation Is it effective? Is it effective? Benefits Drawbacks Impacts Measures taken Case studies Conservation of Wildlife
includes...... Careful design of protected areas to allow for migration can increase the resilience of Amazon biodiversity to climate change. Conservation corridors to allow species to shift their geographic range distributions in response to climate change. surveying "future climatic tension zones" for "features that capture rain or conserve soil moisture to identify potential refugia for humid forest species"; protecting the western Amazon where the region's highest level of biological richness is found and precipitation levels are less likely to shift due to climate change establishing riparian corridors conserve both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
Safeguarding migration corridors like river valleys which in the southern Amazon have an approximately North-South orientation, which will allow plant species to shift their distributions toward the equator. Sustainable management It implies the maintenance of the productivity of the asset base. Thus, in theory, under sustainable forest management, logging should meet the needs of the present without compromising the continuity of the ecosystem and the goods and services that it provides. Pictures of the Amazon Rainforest
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