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Les Filles du roi

No description

Melissa May

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Les Filles du roi

Cassidy-Skyler France all the way to... New France One of their main customs was to marry, live on a farm and have a very LARGE family (10+ children). It was also a tradition in France that you would give your eldest daughter a large dowry to give her a better chance at marriage (you were more likely to get a proposal if your family had money). Normally she would get furniture, household items, silver, land or other things that were inherited from the family. The next eldest daughter would also get a dowry from her parents,but it would be much much smaller What were their main/beliefs/traditions/customs? Rough huts that were “too flimsy to withstand the Canadian weather” OR a log cabin which they would have probably help built. In the background you can see some what of what their houses would have been like. What type of housing did they live in? Their food source was whatever they farmed. And because they did live in Canada, they couldn’t always farm, meaning there was food shortages, leading to death. Most of the time they would live on a farm so it was their job to help the husband and do her share of the work.
They farmed things like corn, wheat, barley, oats and tobacco. What was their food source? Yes. They needed to travel from France to New France (Quebec) on the Atlantic Ocean. They traveled by ship in horrible conditions not to mention the fact that it was almost a 3 month long trip. They were underfed mostly eating dry biscuits. They were crowded on this unsanitary ship where disease was very very common. Probably to do with the fact that they traveled along side farm animals like pigs, cows and even chickens. Ew... When they actually got to New France they were usually kept with a convent until the marriage ceremony where the boys would take their pickings. Did they need to travel? What was their form of transportation? One of the issues that they experienced was freedom and the way that they were treated. They were bribed onto ships where they were crammed in unsanitary little rooms with little food. They had to live through 3 months of that. There husbands would beat them but the only way they would be allowed to divorce that man was if he beat her with a stick that was bigger than his wrist. Then she could leave and have freedom. What were some of the challenges that they experienced? Les filles du roi (the kings daughters) were a large group of girls who helped Canada become what it is today. In 1663, King Louis the XIV (the 14th) saw that the sex ratio was 6 men to 1 woman. Therefore the population wasn’t getting any larger because the men had no women to marry. King Louis had to do something, and fast because the men no longer wanted to be in a country with no women. Who were “Les filles du Roi” and why did they come to new France? Where did they settle? Les filles du roi settled mainly in Quebec city, and some traveled further up the river.
After marriage, they spread out all across new France. Our society today looks for physical features that are “pretty” and the same goes for way back when New France had its first few settlers. Les filles du roi were mostly chosen from these circumstances, beauty, health, and sometimes even some sort of an educational background. Some were even sent back if the young girls had been passed over to many times by too many men. Interesting facts Conclusion When we look at North America today, we see a large land, with an amazing feature of wildlife, and people. Us as people, are not crowded, there a fields surrounding us, farms, cities, towns and lakes. All helping each other. This civilization today, would not be here without the heros of yesterday. The Indians and their tribes who helped the Europeans. The boats and sea captains who discovered our land. The men who came to work; and the women. The women who helped populate the new age, the rise of North America. Les Filles du Roi. Otherwise she would be stuck with this abusive man. No freedom what so ever. They were basically like property before they were married. Just disgusting... They died from childbirth, little medical help, cold climate (with a house that wasn’t in very good condition), diseases, food shortages (because they can’t always farm, we live in Canada) and Indian attacks. It was basically a challenge staying alive What were some of the challenges that they experienced? Les Filles du Roi were an amazing group of women. They were young orphans and farm girls who lived in France. They were over populated compared to the men. In New France it was the exact opposite. So King Louis XIV came up with the idea to ship women across the sea to marry the men in New France. Then they could re-populate and all would be well. They made North America what it is today. They traveled and worked hard to be able to carry the generation of people on in New France. They endured unbelievable circumstances. They were bribed to come to a new land where everything was new and unknown. Many were forced, bribed, beaten, or starved; so today you’re going learn a little bit about your history and why we have what we have today. Introduction In France, there were to many orphan, and poor young ladies that weren’t married, and in new France, there weren’t enough women to marry. King Louis found his solution. Les Filles du Roi. The kings daughters weren’t actually the kings real daughters, just young women being paid to go live in a new country and marry men. Therefore bribed. The young men were also lured into marrying. Most of the men had no desire to marry in new France. Who were “Les filles du Roi” and why did they come to new France? Also, men had power over the women at the time and so the only way women could divorce would be it the man beat the women with a stick bigger then his own wrist. On official records of history, Les filles du roi started in 1663, though it told that the program actually started in 1660 without thee name "filles du roi". Also, when being picked by the men in new France, the men chose the 'plumpest" ladies because they thought that they would work better in the homestead. The fact is, these ladies were actually very important. The plump and the skinny. The founding of new France depended on them. Interesting facts Les Filles du Roi
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