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East Pakistan Tornado

No description

Nicholas Tempesta

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of East Pakistan Tornado

By Marlan And Nicholas
East Pakistan Tornado
When and where
Basic Knowledge of the Tornado and Causes
Sri lanka
Tornadoes are formed when
warm and cool air come
together, and a cross wind
causes them to mix.
When they mix they form the deadly force of nature that we call a tornado.
April 1969
- East Pakistan (Bangladesh)

-April 14 1969
What does a tornado consist of?
In a Tornado there is:
-sometimes lightning storms
-debris from destroyed buildings
-High Pressure
F0: 45-72 mph-Minor Tornado, nearly no damage except people blown around

F1: 72-112mph-Roof shingles pulled back, cars pushed off road

F2: 113-157mph-trees snapped, roofs pulled off

F3: 158-206mph-roofs and walls torn apart, heavy trucks lifted from ground

F4: 207-260mph-houses leveled, structures blown a distance from foundation

F5: 261-318mph-strong frame homes lifted from foundation, ground swept clean of debris

F6: 319-379mph-Not used because only 1 recorded F6 Tornado
Fujita Scale Tornado wind speed
Effects of East Pakistan 1969 Tornado
- Killed 660 people
- Over 4000 people were injured
- Another tornado happened just after this one
- 223 people killed from the second tornado
- Total of 883 deaths from both tornadoes
- Known as second deadliest tornado(es) of all time
-All trade routes were shut down for over 2 months
-approximately $4,000,000,000 property damage
Causes of 1969 East Pakistan Tornado
Responses to this Disaster
-The Government rebuilt and accepted money donations to help the victims of this disaster

-Research was started so they can predict the next Tornado and other natural disasters

-Was popular on the internet years later in terms of the most dangerous tornadoes
Interesting and Unique Facts
- Not as much knowledge of tornadoes at the time

-They had no detection of natural disasters

-Warm and cold fronts

- Buildings and houses not built to resist natural disasters

-This Tornado is rated number 2 for the deadliest Twisters of all recorded history

-Cyclones, and Tsunami's Destroyed the rest of East Pakistan claiming an additional 500,000 lives

- changed the name of east Pakistan to Bangladesh that same year
Pump Effect:
When Items get sucked into the funnel and thrown back out a far distance
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(n.d.). Retrieved February 28, 2015, from http://www.wikipedia.org/
Geography class
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