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Psychogenic Amnesia Disorder

No description

Lane Gaudi

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Psychogenic Amnesia Disorder

A Dissociative Disorder:
Psychogenic Amnesia By Michael Reed and Lane Gaudi Some other facts Psychogenic Amnesia Symptoms & Behaviors Some symptoms of Psychogenic Amnesia:

Forgetting of all or part of past experiences.

Some behaviors:

Suffering emotional distress or impairment in psychosocial or occupational functioning. A young woman, on an academic trip to China, was found unconscious on the floor of the restroom of her hotel. With no signs of structural or neurological abnormalities, this young woman could not remember a personal information about herself. The amnesia persisted for nearly 10 months, until the feeling of blood on the woman's fingers triggered recollections of events from the night of onset, and, subsequently, other previous experiences.The woman finally remembered having witnessed a murder that night in China. She recalled being unable to help the victim out of fear for herself. She came to remember other aspects of her life; however, some memories remain unretrievable. Recently renamed, Dissociative Amnesia,
Psychogenic Amnesia is a Dissociative disorder. A Case Study of P.A. Some possible treatments for P.A. Prevalence Recently, there has been an increase in P.A. that pertains to the loss of memory of childhood trauma. Course This disorder can present itself in any age group. The main manifestation in most is a gap in memory. Two or more episodes are commonly described. Individuals who have experienced an episode of P.A. may be predisposed to develop amnesia for previous traumatic experiences. Psychotherapy
Family Therapy
Creative Therapies
Clinical Hypnosis
and Medication Psychotherapy Psychotherapy encourages the patient to share influences and conflicts that give insight on whats happening in the patient's life. Creative Therapy This therapy allows the client to express his/herself through a form of art, or a specific skill. Family Therapy This kind of therapy allows the family to become more involved in their patient's disorder and also become more aware of symptoms or dangers. Familial patterns of suffering clients. The primary cause of dissociative amnesia is stress associated with traumatic experiences that the patient has either survived or witnessed. These may include such major life stressors as serious financial problems, the death of a parent or spouse, extreme internal conflict, and guilt related to serious crimes or turmoil caused by difficulties with another person. Medications While there is no medication, specifically for psychogenic amnesia, your doctor might prescribe you, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications or tranquilizers. Celebrities with Psychogenic Amnesia One celebrity with this Dissociative disorder is Adam Duritz, not much of a celebrity, but he worked on the soundtracks of Shrek 2, Mr. Deeds and many other films.
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