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Deep Tendon Reflexes

How to examine deep tendon reflexes, 2nd year class, Nihon University School of Medicine

Daniel Salcedo

on 18 July 2015

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Transcript of Deep Tendon Reflexes

What are they and how do I examine them?
Deep Tendon Reflexes

What are DTRs?
Involuntary nearly instantaneous
response to a stimulus (stretch)
How do we measure DTRs?
What equipment do I need?
Reflex Hammer
Which DTRs
should we check?
Upper Limb
Biceps (C5-C6)
Brachioradialis (C5-C6)
Triceps (C7-C8)
Lower Limb
Achilles (S1-S2)
Patellar (L3-L4)
How can I be successful?
7 Tips for Success
1) Identify the tendon first
2) Ask the patient to relax his muscles
3) Hold the hammer properly
4) Tap not hit
5) See and feel the reflex
6) If abnormal, reposition and repeat
7) In obese patients, press the tendon and tap on your finger
Why do we check DTR?
They give use useful information about the condition of the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System
Taylor reflex hammer
Babinski reflex hammer
Buck reflex hammer
Queen Square reflex hammer
Useful language
"I will now
on your
using this
"Please relax
your muscles completely
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