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mexicans begin jogging-poem prezi

No description

Yvonne Chang

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of mexicans begin jogging-poem prezi

Genre/ Setting Our Analysis: His former boss hires illegal immigrants and border patrol knows about it or got a hint and goes to the factory to check up. When border patrol arrives, his boss tells all of his employees to run, including Soto even though he is an citizen. Although Soto was an American, his boss though he was a illegal immigrant and told him to run when he saw border patrol. He hopes that in the future, identity issues won’t be so burdensome anymore. By: Gary Soto
Presentation by:
Brian Gao
Yvonne Chang Mexicans Begin Jogging -Sight: "oven yellow with flame" -Narrative poem: Soto is avoiding border patrol although he isn't an illegal immigrant.
-The poem setting is at a factory in Fresno, CA Speaker -He is an American born Mexican who is taken as an illegal immigrant by his former boss. -Sound: "no time for lies" -Touch: "pressed a dollar in my palm" Mood: -Tension, anxiety, desires & the lit devices that creates this mood are parallelism, repetition, and restatement. Taste: Milkshakes Gary Soto -Born April 12, 1952
-Lived in Fresno, CA
-Mexican American
-Family worked the fields of Sunmaid Raisin, where is father later on died of an accident at the age of five.
-After the death of his father his family moved to industrial district, and worked fields and factories

-Favorite author is Ernest Hemingway
-The poet that inspired him was Edward Field, who didn't write about mountains and flowers, but wrote about trash and smog instead. Tone: -amusement, optimistic, and frustration
Fig. Lang: -Simile:"Ran past the amazed crowds that lined The streets and blurred like photographs, in rain."
-Metaphor: "As I jog into the next century"
-Irony: - the border patrol 'opened their vans', when actually they are closing all options to them (illegal immigrants).
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