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The Cat in the Hat

English Assignment

Emily N

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of The Cat in the Hat

Plot and Structure
When the Cat in the Hat comes to visit, things are never boring!
There are 4 main characters in this story. The children, the Cat and the Fish
The setting was set in a basic everyday town for the 1950's, so when it was written.
Literary Devices/Techniques
The most common literary device is rhyming which is used in the entire book.
Image by Tom Mooring
The Cat in the Hat
The book is set in the 1950’s, when the children never had any electronics to play with and no battery-controlled toys, so they always played outside. This was about the time the book was published, so would've been a modern book in that time.
It was written for little children, and so was set in a little everyday house that was common in that time. There was no specific place/town that was mentioned, but the basic setting is one of a simple home.
Suddenly the Cat comes back in strange contraption which helps clean up. The machine dusts and picks up and cleans till there is no mess left, and then with a tip of his hat, the Cat leaves, just before the mother arrives.
By Dr Seuss
Dr Seuss tried to avoid writing stories with themes and morals, but there a few basic ones.
Author Information
Sequence of Events
The Cat tells them that they can have fun inside too. He shows them a trick! The fish objects greatly at having the cat in the house, and tries to convince the children to get him to leave.
The Cat falls and drops everything, making a huge mess. The Cat brings in a large box, which contains two things- Thing 1 and Thing 2. They run around with their kites, making more mess. The fish yells at the cat to leave, but now there is a huge mess to clean up and the mother just pulled up in the driveway!
It’s a cold raining day, and the young boy and his sister Sally can’t play outside; they are bored and all they do is sit. Suddenly the Cat in the Hat walks in!
The Cat in the Hat
The Cat is a fun and exciting being. He is simple and one minded; confident and fun. He is quick to get back up when he is disappointed, like when he is told to leave by the fish and children. He may be a little fun and impulsive, but he came back and made up for his mistakes by cleaning up.
The Young Boy and Sally
Both are young children, who are innocent, and filled with the childhood longing for fun. They are easily convinced, but have a quiet sense of responisbiblity. They are written to represent the life of the good obedient child that was taught in the 1950’s, when the book was published.
The Fish
The fish is a very pessimistic character. He is against the Cat from the start and is constantly worrying about the mess and when the mother might come home.
The atmosphere is one of magic and excitement, as the children are seeing many exciting things they’ve never seen before.
Personification is when you give animals or inanimate objects human characteristics. In the book, both the Cat and the fish are both given very human characteristics, so they can act as real characters in the story.
The entire book is, in fact, written as a giant poem. Every second line rhymes, so the pattern resembles this:

He uses similes to describe things, like when the Cat runs as quick as a fox.
Under that, it also holds a sense of responsibility. This is shown when the children stop the Cat because they need to clean up and when the Cat comes back with his machine to clean up.
It has as a theme of fun, and always enjoying yourself. It shows great imagination, and in a way it encourages the children to have an imagination as well.
No Morals
Dr Seuss always tried to avoid writing a story with a moral in mind. He states that kids can see a moral a mile off, so most of his stories don’t have a big theme or moral.
First Grade Literature
Theodore “Seuss” Geisel was asked to write a story for kids. He was given a list of words all first grader should know and told to see if he could write a story about it. The result, the Cat in the Hat.
When Dr Seuss was writing his stories, most kid’s books were boring and not at all interesting for children to read. Dr Seuss tried to make the book interesting, probably because he had read boring books in the younger years and wanted other kids to have something more fun to read.
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