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The Killers Cousin

Kane, Dryer, Robertson, Jensen, Hendron, Soppe, Hallahan

Claire Kane

on 18 July 2015

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Transcript of The Killers Cousin

Book Summary
One of the minor themes of "The Killer's Cousin" is, don't judge a book by it's cover.
David frantically goes inside the house to save Lily from the flames. She was just where he knew she'd be... Where she killed Kathy.
The Killer's Cousin
Maddie Dryer
Zoie Soppe
Elizabeth Robertson
Claire Kane
JaNiese Jensen
Caroline Hendron
Allisen Hallahan
Plot Chart
Rising Action
Falling Action
The main theme of The Killer's Cousin is acceptance
David needs to learn to accept that he killed Emily and Lily needs to accept that she killed her sister Kathy.
Main Character: David
Time: Modern day
Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Lily seems to be just a little girl in the beginning, but she turns out to be insane and evil. She terrorizes David, wrecks his apartment and social life.
Another minor theme is listen to your instincts.
1. David moves to Cambridge
David needs to realize that he and Lily are alike, and Kathy wanted them to help each other. That's why she would say, "Help Lily."
2. Lily says she should have David's apartment
3. David meets Raina
10. David freaks out and tells his dad.
11. David hears Kathy's ghost and sees a fire.
When the humming starts getting louder, telling David to "Help Lily" David goes out for a run. His journey ends at his aunt and uncles' house, where a fire has started.
"I Believe you."
After his trial, David is forced to move in with his aunt and uncle to finish high school. He figures this should be easy but boy was he wrong.
When his younger cousin Lily starts terrorizing David by wrecking his apartment, the awful humming continues. With no social life and no one to turn to, David finally snaps.
David wrecks his apartment and his aunt and uncle kick him out. David goes to stay at a hotel with his dad, but what Lily had said before he left was stuck in his head. She couldn't have killed her older sister... Could she?
David saves Lily's life and when the two are finally out of the burning house they are rushed to the hospital. David was the only one injured.
Lily and David aren't allowed to see each other, but Frank sneaks Lily in.
David tells Lily the one sentence she needed to hear.
Character Sketches
Character versus Self
David vs. David- He feels like a monster for killing Emily.
Character versus Character
David vs. Lily- David's cousin Lily wrecks David's apartment and they fight over everything.
Character versus Society
David vs. Everyone- Everyone thinks David's a killer and hates him, making David feel alone.
4. During Thanksgiving Vic and Julia start to talk to each other
Character versus Nature
David versus Ghost- Kathy's ghost always says "Help Lily," but David doesn't know how.
5. David and Frank become friends
6. Lily starts wrecking David's life
7. David sees Kathy's ghost
8. David tells Frank he can see Kathy's ghost, and Frank doesn't believe him
9. David wrecks his own apartment
Lily admits to killing Kathy
12. David saves Lily from the fire
13. Lily and David are in the hospital and can't see each other
David and Lily promise to help each other
"That boy-that man- wasn't real. You are." -David's Dad
"And you're not the son I thought you were going to be. But I don't care. I barely remember who that was. I couldn't be prouder, David. I simply couldn't be." -David's Dad
"When it hurts, when we're afraid, if we're ever tempted- we tell each other. I'll help you. You'll help me." -David
"Through all of it, Lily held me, and I held Lily. Together, we survived." -David
"Don't you think I'm probably some monster?" -David
"No. Not at all." -Raina
"If we're a family again, you have to understand... it won't-it can't-be like before." -David
"The greatest gift that you give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance." -Brian Tracy
"You're going to have more rejection than acceptance." -Barry Mann
Nancy Werlin
Werlin was born on October 29, 1961 and
grew up in Peabody, Massachusetts
She began reading when she was three, and by the time Werlin reached third grade, she was reading as many as ten books a week
After graduating high school she attended Yale , where she majored in english
Her first book "Are You Alone On Purpose" was published in 1994 and won many award such as New York Public Library Best Books for the Teen Age selection
Her second book " The Killers Cousin" was published in 1998, also won awards for example Teens' Top Ten Best Book Pick selections
Other books by Werlin include
"Locked Inside" 2000
"Black Mirror"2001
"Double Helix" 2004
David is the main character. He is tall and skinny, and he is very kind. He is the the protagonist.
Lily is 11 years old. She is chubby with blonde hair, and she is very mean. She is the antagonist.
Vic is David's uncle, he is bigger with short hair. He is kind to David and is a protagonist.
Julia is Davids aunt, and she is very pretty with wavy blonde hair. She is often mean to David, and she is an antagonist.
Frank is David's best friend. He has a shaved head and is very reserved. in the begging he was the antagonist, but in the end he turned out to be a protagonist.
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