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Servant leadership

No description

Hans Knot

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Servant leadership

1. Humility
Army politician and General

2. Standing back

3. Forgiveness
No forgiveness/ Racial hierargy
No mercy for the weak.

4. Authenticity
He believed in what he did.
All his actions served one goal. Leader:
1. Empowerment
Powerfull speachess
Charismatic inspiration for the people
Great PR

2. Accountability
His leadership was supreme. At this time it was impossible to get him to account for anything he had done as no-one would have authority.

3. Stewardship
Besides starting a war he built Germany up from the ground with a war industry, purpose and identity. He cared about his race.

4. Courage
Starting a world war shows you have some courage. However it could also have been vanity. Hitler Servant leader or brutal villain
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