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The Outsiders: Book vs. Movie

No description

Alexis Butcher

on 13 March 2016

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Transcript of The Outsiders: Book vs. Movie

List of Characters
Johnny Cade
All in all, the movie was very much alike
the book in terms of what happened and
the events, but a few of the descriptions were off for the characters in the movie.
For example, Sodapop had light blonde hair in the book, but in the movie, his hair was more brownish-black.

Book Rating - 4.5
Movie Rating - 3.5
Dallas "Dally" Winston
Book - In the book, Dally was the
"tuff" one. He got in way too many
gang fights and even had a criminal record. He had blazing blue eyes, defined cheekbones, and long blonde hair that was so blonde, it looked white.
Rising Action cont.
The boys stay in the church for 5 days before Dally comes to visit. They all head out to get food but when they get back, the church is on fire & children are trapped inside. Ponyboy & Johnny rush in to save them while Dally helps from the outside. After all of the children are safe, the church collapses while Dally & Johnny are still inside. Johnny gets severely burned but Dally suffers minor injuries. All Greasers engage in the rumble and the Greasers win but get
beat up badly. Dally & Pony rush to the
hospital to tell Johnny the good news.

Ponyboy Curtis
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Movie - In the movie, Ponyboy had
somewhat short black hair, hazel eyes, and pale, smooth skin .

Book - In the book, Ponyboy has brown (almost red) hair, greenish-gray eyes, and
long greaser locks. He says that his hair is
longer than most boys and that it's long
at the front and sides, but squared off in the back.
Movie - In the movie, Johnny
Cade looks a lot like how the
character in the book is described. He has long
dark brown hair,
brow eyes, and a
tanned face.
Book - Johnny is the second-
youngest of the Greasers with
a slight build. He has big, black eyes, a dark tanned face,
and jet-black hair, heavily
greased, and combed to the side.

"Nature's first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower, but only so an hour. Then leaf
subsides to leaf, so Eden sank to grief. So dawn goes
down to day, nothing gold can stay."
- Ponyboy Curtis

- Johnny Cade

- Dallas "Dally" Winston

- Darrel "Darry" Curtis

- Sodapop "Soda" Curtis

- Two-Bit Mathews

- Steve Randle
Book vs. Movie
Movie - Dally's character was
different than the one in the book.
He had long-ish greased
brown hair, highly defined cheekbones, and chocolate
brown eyes.
Setting and Exposition
Setting - Tulsa, Oklahoma, mid-1960's

Exposition - Ponyboy walks out of the movie theater and gets jumped by the Socs, his Greaser friends hurrying over.
The rest of the Greasers are preparing
for the rumble.
Rising Action
Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally decide
to go to a drive-in movie and meet Cherry Valence there. Johnny and Ponyboy end up falling asleep in the lot and when Pony returns home, his oldest brother, Darry, slaps him. Frightened and angry, Pony runs off with Johnny to a nearby park. While there, the Socs attempt to drown Pony and Johnny kills one of the Socs in self-defense. Not knowing what to do, they
seek out Dally for help. Dally tells them
they need to run away and hide
from the police at a church
in another town.
Climax and Falling Action
Climax - When Dally & Ponyboy arrive
at the hospital, they tell Johnny that they won the rumble, but Johnny dies soon after.

Falling Action - Dally doesn't take Johnny's death so well & robs a convenience store. While at gunpoint, Dally pulls the trigger of a non-loaded gun but the police shoot Dally several times & he dies.
Resolution and Conflict
Resolution - Ponyboy is found innocent of any wrongdoing in court & decides to write his school essay starting from when he stepped out of the movie theater.

Conflict - Ponyboy & Johnny are avoiding the police and trying not to
be charged for murder.
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