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Clarifying Content Priorities

No description

jeff babbin

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Clarifying Content Priorities

BIG IDEAS and CORE TASKS 1. The Agricultural Revolution
2. Industrialization
3. Factors of production 1. The effects of new technology on the world are both positive and negative. ~Core Tasks~
Students will:

•identify causes for the Agricultural Revolution and explain its impact on the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in Britain.

•Identify 3 factors of production 2. Change is brought about by a combination of multiple factors. The Beginnings of Industrialization The Industrial Revolution ~Broad Unit~ Important to Know and Do Locate information from a variety of sources appropriate to the task at hand. Changes in Agriculture: Enclosures, crop rotation, new inventions/techniques Great Britain: geography, population and economy New Inventions/Systems: Textile industry, steam engine, water and road transportation, railroads, factories New Inventions of the modern era: Communication, transportation, etc. Analyze charts/graphs/ flow charts Read and discuss biographical documents Worth Being Familiar With Farm life of the 1700's Government structures throughout Europe in the 1700's and late 1800's Other inventions and inventors outside of Britain
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