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Adverb Clauses, Modifying Adverbial Phrases and Connectives

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Alex Kong

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Adverb Clauses, Modifying Adverbial Phrases and Connectives

Basic using
1. Showing time relationship and cause, effect.
Modifying Adverbial Phrases
Reduction of Adverb Clause
EX:While I was cooking, I burned my hand.
While cooking
, I burned my hand
(same sub)
Connectives that express cause and effect, contrast and condition
Because of the heavy rain
, we need to stay home.
Work Book
Before___ you, I had not known such a wonderful person existed.
A. met B. meeting C. I met
Adverb Clauses basic using, Modifying Adverbial Phrases and Connectives
Adverb Clauses
1. Basic Using
2. Reduction of Adverb Clauses and Adverbial Phrases
3. Connectives that show cause and effect, contrast and condition
When I arrived
, my host family picked me up.
Because I didn't pass the exam
, I felt sad.
2. Compare and Contrast
Even though I'm tired
, I still went to school on time.
B. Tom is poor,
Jack is rich.
C. The phone rang while I was studying.
3. Condition: weather or not, in case, unless, even if and only if.

you come to the party

or not
, we will start at 7 pm.
B. I will stay in my office
in case
you need to reach me.
C. I will keep finishing my job
I'm tired.
The time clauses: after, before, since and while.
After finishing
the work, John went back to home.
Cause and Effect: because, upon
Because she needs to work on time, she gets up early everyday.
Needing to work on time
, Amy gets up early everyday.
Cause and Effect: Because of, due to, therefore, consequently, so, so---that.
The text is too hard for us
; therefore
, no one can pass it.
Showing purpose: so that
I reviewed my book
so that
I could pass the test
Showing contrast: even though, although, but---anyway, nevertheless, nonetheless,
Even though
I was sick, I went to school on time.
I slept for 8 hours.
, I still very tired.
Oscar won't pass his math couse ___ he gets a tutor.
A. unless B. Only if C. Because D. in case
Parents love and support their children__ the children misbehave or do foolish things
A. even if B. since C. if D. only if
Since___ married, Fred seems very happy and content.
A. He got B. getting C. got
The water in the pot had reached 212 degrees Fahrenheit,___ it started to boil.
A. because B. therefore C. so
The main highway is closed,___ we are going to take another road.
A. So B.so C therefore
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