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Internationalization at Harley-Davidson

No description

Alexia Acheampong

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Internationalization at Harley-Davidson

Nature of the international Business Environment
Taking steps towards Eco-friendliness
Expanding into more segments
Fulfilling International expansion
Benefit of International expansion
Increased sale
Increased Market share
Brand Recognition
Lower costs
Research and Development
Internationalization at Harley-Davidson
How can Harley compete with Chinese rivals "Lifan" and "Zongshen"
Bikes easy to handle
Forces of local responsiveness
engines that Emit less pollution

Competitive market
Continuous research into eco-friendly motorcycles
Luxury Brands vs other brands
Effectively competing with rivals
How can Harley compete against firms with competitive advantage such as low-cost labor and extensive experience in emerging markets?
Environmental sustainability initiatives. The advantages
Cost leadership
Operational effectiveness
Good Practice can attract new customers
Can achieve savings in energy costs
Strategies mangers should apply to grow the firms sales?
Partnering up with an Japanese partners
The use of Kaizen enforced within the business
Correct management style in accordance to Hofescde
Should Harley aggressively pursue the emerging markets mentioned
Large growing populations
Well established company
Organizational culture
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