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No description

Brent Popelier

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of SBG HEC

Ideas Lidl Solvay Business Game
- now the Lidl store shelves look cheap and messy -> replace them with more premium-looking shelves; change the interior of the shops to something that breaths 'quality'
Ideas Uber HEC Business Game
- not only transporting people with Uber cars, but also delivering parcels to the right destination; become a competitor of bpost, PostNL, dpd, DHL...
- aim to get quality certificates from independent institutions and use these quality logos in advertisements
- publish results of independent sensory tests in advertisement folders; for example: http://www.distrifood.nl/assortiment/nieuws/2016/12/lidl-beste-ah-slechtste-met-tiramisu-101104220
- experience trip, road trip with chauffeur who guides you to special places and great sights
- culinary vehicule trip
- self development vehicule trip with speaker/inspirator who gives keynotes during trips
- meditational trips
- drive in cinemas
- drag races
- meets for special cars (oldtimers,...)
- book a trip in a luxury or special car (limo, ferrari,...), with or without driver
- bus trips
- vespa or scooter trips in group, vehicules can be borrowed without driver. You pay for the vehicule, not the trip
- riksja's in European cities
- party bus
- Change logo to less cheap colors
- Partnership with michelin chef who cooks with Lidl products
- Special weeks with actions (Halloween and shit)
- More focus on fashion
- become a 'buddy' of your clients, this is more for young people maybe
- mobile, travel, festival, social media
- Sell Lidl instead of your products, people don't care about your quality tests ans stats
- Cool fidelity program like Starbucks and McDo
- Pop up stores in trendy places with trendy products, at beach, at festival, at...
- Foodtrucks in city centres, at festivals, beach,...
- HelloFresh achtige shit
- New ad scenario with cool tagline comparable to 'Big on Quality, Lidl on Price' or #LidlSurprises
- Partnership with celebrities or trendy people at the moment (Rode Duivels,...)
- check other brands who had quality issues and how they dealt with it
More ideas -> look at what competitors are doing
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