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Prodigy by Marie Lu

No description

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Prodigy by Marie Lu

Prodigy by Marie Lu
I chose the song "Diana" because the song is about a guy who desperately wants to reach out to a girl, but the girl is being mislead by others. This song can be compared to Day because Day is the most famous criminal of the Republic. "The front page is all his pictures" as they say in the song and he really isn't a bad guy as they song tries to persuade the audience. Day needs to Republic to rebel as the song says "light a fire inside those eyes", the eyes being the Republic's.
The song I chose to depict Razor was "Better Than Revenge" because Razor is the one who plots to kill the Elector although he was never in it with the Patriots, he was hired by the Republic, as in the songs "not what you think" "she's an actress". But the song talks about a girl coming along and ruining the singer's plan to get the guy, which is exactly what happens in the book, because June comes, woos the Elector, then ruins the assassination attempt by helping the Elector to escape.
Central Conflict
The central conflict in Prodigy is the government's inefficiency. The people are rebelling and and the government is losing the trust of the people. The song "Waiting on the World to Change" depict the distrust the people feel because the song is about people seeing problems in the world, but don't have the courage or power to rebel.
The song I chose for setting is "Royals". I chose the song because "Royals" is centered around a theme of the speaker being poor, and they talk about a luxurious life isn't for them. In Prodigy, Day and June join the Patriots and they are a rag tag bunch. The rebels, the ones who only in it for the money and "crave a different kind of buzz" and the song says. Day talks about "luxuries"the Patriots have although they aren't luxuries really. They song says that "I'll rule" and the goal of the Patriots is to over throw the Elector and "rule"
I can connect this story to Great Expectations. Pip in the story grows up and orphan with only a sibling left. Day's parents have died, and he only has his brother Eden left. In Great Expectations, Pip must undergo a dangerous mission, and that is to protect the convict. However, the convict is still caught, anyways. In Prodigy, Day is assigned the task to assassinate the Republic's ruler, Elector Primo. But he does not accomplish this task. The Elector lives because Day tries to save him, as Pip did for Provis. Also, in Great Expectations, Pip falls in love with a girl way out of his league, Estella. In Prodigy, Day also falls in love with a girl that is too good for him, and as in both books, both boys lose their true loves and never end up together.
In the end of the story Prodigy, Day must let June go because he will eventually die, however June doesn't want Day to leave her. The song I chose was "It Will Rain" becuase the song is about what would happen if the person that the singer's in love with were to leave. In the story, June says that Day is her "light". The song says that "there'll be no sunlight if I lose you baby". The song talks about the sadness the singer would feel "if you walk away".
A theme in the story could be that "Love for many brings fights that make the fight seem unworth the relationship." Day and June struggle so much to stay together although all they do is disagree and do not trust each other. The song I chose was "Battlefield" because the song is about love seeming like a war all the time.
Figurative Language
Prodigy by Marie Lu has a lot of imagery. Especially when June and Day first arrive in the Colonies. The colonies are glittering and beautiful it is. Day describes it as "glitter from far away". I chose the song "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" becuase the song is about standing out and the song says "Shine bright like a diamond" and the Colonies shine in the night.
A symbol of the story is rebellion becuase that is what the whole story is centered around. The rebellion is what Day is trying to spike, but then pacify. The song I chose is "Red and Black" from Les Miserable. The song is about spiking a rebellion, however then one begins to question it. This is a lot like the feeling of Day about the rebellion; undecided.
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