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turbo socks

Are you tired of being slow

Nathan Reeves

on 21 April 2012

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Transcript of turbo socks

Turbo socks
Are you tired of being slow?
or even the slowest at school
Well there is a way out
Introducing the new...
Turbo socks
To make You
And you
the Builder
I used turbo socks
I used them when I was at school
I was so slow my parents
took action and
bought me them...

that gym class hoping that they would
work and...
...They did...
I was so fast
The turbo sock uses nuclear fusion
As well as some complex bio
With a hint of
To convert sweat
Into extremely concentrated
liquid sugar
that is then shot directly
into the blood stream
therefore creating lots of energy
Side effects may include:
Athletes foot,
sore feet,
and spontaneous combustion of
the foot
Do not tease turbo socks
If turbo socks begin to smoke,
simply remove them and calmly call
for help while running directly away from
it as fast as you possibly can.
If you would like to purchase turbo socks
call 911 or visit us at http//:*cough*/thiswebsite doesnotexist.ca

I'm Bob
Dont be like that guy
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