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Number the Stars

I had to make a new prezi.

Erik Pulido-Gilbertson

on 1 December 2011

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Transcript of Number the Stars

Number the Stars By Lois Lowry Report by Erik Pulido-Gilbertson Annemarie is the main character in the book Number the Stars. She is a young girl who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the beginning of the story she feels like freinds don't mean much. But by the end of the story she learns that friends are really important. The problem in the story Number the Stars is that the Jews are in great danger of being arrested or killed by the Nazis, who took over Denmark. Main Event #1
Annemarie, Ellen(Annemarie's Jewish friend), and Kristi(little sister of Annemarie) where racing home from schhol when they are stopped
by a group of Nazis that yell "Halte". Main Event #2
Peter the friend of Annemarie's family comes for a quick visit and brings an illegal newspaper, beer for mama and papa, and seashells for Annemarie and Kristi. Main Event #3
The Nazis get a list of the names and address of all the Jews in Copenhagen from the Rabbi, and are planning to arrest them all. Main Event #5
The Nazis come to Annemarie's apartment ask some questions about the Jews that live around Annemarie and leave. Main Event #4
Ellen stays the night at Annemarie's apartment because her parents had to go some where. Main Event #6
Annemarie's mama calls Uncle Hendrik and asks if the weather good for fishing.(Translation of code:Is it safe to bring Jews.) Solution
The Solution was that all the Jews went to Sweden because it was free of Nazis. = Main Event #7
Because of the phone call, Annemarie goes to her Uncle Hendriks’s cabin and brings mama, Kristi, and Ellen . Main Event #8
Annemarie's mama tells her that great-aunt Burtie dies but mama is really lieing because she doesn't even exist. Main Event #9
The Nazis came to Uncle Hendrik's cabin and want to open the casket. Mama tells them that great-aunt Burtie had a disease and there are probably still germs. The Nazis decide not to open the casket and leave.(the casket is filled with clothes) Main Event #10
Peter and the Rosens (Ellen’s family) leave Uncle Hendrik's cabin and mama comes along with them. Main Event #11
On the way back from taking the Rosens to Uncle Hendrik's boat, Mama trips over a vine and breaks her ankle. Main Event#12
Annemarie has to bring a packet to Uncle Hendrick the he left behind. The packet weakens the dogs smell so it can't detect the Jews hiding under the boat. So they put packet at the bottom of a basket under a napkin and food on top of it to disguise as lunch . Main Event #13
Annemarie gets stopped by some Nazis and their dogs on the way to the dock. They inspect the basket, give the bread to the dogs, and the apple and the packet are thrown to the side. Main Event #14
After World War ll ends, Annemarie still has Ellen’s Star of David neckless that was hidden in Lise's dress. She is going to keep it untill Ellen comes back. Who I would be
I would be King Christian the leader of Denmark. I am sad because they invaded my country and I surrendered. Why I think this book earned the Newberry Honor Medal.
I think this book earned the Newberry Honor Medal because of all the emotions from all the characters.
For an example Annemarie's friends and family experienced Sadness “How sad the king must be of destroying his own fleet”pg.32
Another example is Kristi experienced Anger . “But most mothers wouldn’t make their daughter wear fish shoes” pg. 28
One more example of is when Annemaire experienced Sarcasm when The Nazis told her “Go tell your uncle the German dogs ate his bread”.pg.118 Thank You for Watching
List of Unfimliar Words:
1.Dismay:to break down the courage.
2. Ruefully:Causing sorrow or pitty.
3.Urging:To push or force along. Turtles
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