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Map of Strategic Needs - PdM

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Ágnes Balla

on 1 October 2018

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Transcript of Map of Strategic Needs - PdM

Map of Strategic Needs & Challenges
Internationalisation Strategies in VET
Palma de Mallorca, 2ndOctober 2018

Macro level - regional, national circumstances

Micro level - within and around school
that we work with / for
Identify the needs & challenges
Clarify the needs & challenges
Map of needs and challenges
Students (2 flipcharts)

Staff (2 flipcharts)


Stakeholders / Target groups
1. Which has to be handled at

2. Which of them can be solved by
Helps you to identify your goals...
Brainstorming method
Write down as many ideas as you can

No comments, no question

Just collect ideas

Take notes on the flipchart
Aim of the session
Identify needs and challenges

Find the focus:

international related needs should be addressed

Work with the "right" needs...
... leads to set up your strategy
Expected learning outcomes of the session
Participant has knowledge of what strategic planning and approaches can bring to the field of internationalisation and mobility and also of how to link that with the development of an institution;
Steps to take ...
1. Name the stakeholders
2. Identify their needs
3. Focus on the "core", most relevant needs
4. Fine-tune these needs / country
1st. STEP
2nd STEP
Teachers / staff
Want to get higher salary
Is it a strategic question? - yes
Connected to internationalization? - No / Not directly
need better preparation before mobility
Not strategic

Strategic question!
International projects can be utilized!
Teachers / Staff
Professional development
Better infrastructure and equipment in the school
No connection with internationalization
Can be strategic

Gallery walk
Pick the relevant needs and challenges / target group

Then find your country mates ...

Which are the relevant needs of the target groups?
Can your Mission and Vision reflect to them?
Are there any special country / regional / local level needs?
Country context
Pick max. 2-3 needs / target group
3rd STEP
4th STEP
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