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The Hierarchy of The KKK

No description

chaunasei carter

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of The Hierarchy of The KKK

The Hierarchy of The KKK
By: Harmony Busby & Chaunasei Carter

KKK's national leader
beneath him is the Genii; supported by 10 meni
Grand Wizard Ten Genii
Has authority over his state which is assigned to him by Grand Wizard.
His eight men are referred to Hydras.
Grand Dragon Eight Hydras
serves as the secretary for the Klan
dictates meetings and events for KKK
Grand Scribe
Is the vice-president
He assumes the responsibility of the Gran Wizard in any absences
Grand Magi
Manages the territories within the states.
Often they may manage several counties at once.
Helping him are six individuals known as Furies
Grand Titan Six Furies
Manages counties or smaller lands.
Assisting him are four men called Goblins
Grand Giant Four Goblins
Manages chapters of the Klan.
Joined by two individuals known as Night Hawks.
Grand Cyclops Two Night Hawks
Grand Monk is third in command of the chapters.
Grand Turk executes meetings and serve the highest officer to the Gran Cyclops.
He also manages ceremonial procedures of meetings.
Grand Monk & Gran Turk
Grand Sentinel has jurisdiction over lictors who guard the Klan members while in meetings
Grand Exchequer manages the finances
Grand Sentinel & Grand Exchequer
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