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21 Things for JAG Teachers

No description

Maria Dahn

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of 21 Things for JAG Teachers

21 Things for JAG Teachers: Part 1

Let's talk about the first seven...

Thing 1 : The Basics
Learn how to maneuver around the internet... We created a blog and you can, too! This is a great way to communicate with your students and could be where they go to for additional resources and information... or to find out what the Career Association is up to during the other class periods!
Check out my sample @

Thing 1 Practice...
Try taking a screen shot and saving it into a post on your blog...
(Below is a helpful video)
Now... you try!
Once you know how to do this... have your students learn, too! Remember, the goal is to have your students control the blog and the material that goes into it.
Typing can be a barrier for students, too.
Have them create a free account on:
www.typingweb.com or
www.typingclub.com to improve their skills.

Thing 2: Face of Your Classroom
This is your opportunity to create an online presence for your classroom and there are so very many options to choose from!

Remember that your target audience are Jobs for Michigan Graduates and their parent/guardians.

These options are broken down into four groups:
1. Classroom Management Systems
2. Web Site Creators
3. Blogs & Wikis
4. District Online Systems

JMG Application:
-Career Association Collaboration and Planning
-Use Online Surveys to get "anonymous" voting on Career Association ideas
-Upload content for students who miss a class or need academic remediation
1. Classroom Management Systems
is a great FREE way to create a community that works online and it is very user friendly. Students do NOT need to have an e-mail address to use this forum. Check out the video below for a full tutorial on Edmodo. Other applications are

2. Web Site Creators
There are many free options for creating a website for your classroom. I have used Weebly.com and Wordpress.com and have enjoyed the benefits of both.
3. Blogs and Wikis
Blogs are "web logs" that be updated regularly to communicate information or provide instruction. Great blogs can be created through Edublog and Google Blogger and Wordpress. Check out this video:
Wikis provide the opportunity for communication to flow freely by allowing the visitor to add their input through posts in addition to the creator. Some great websites to look at are Wikispaces and PBWorks. Check it out this video for more info:
4. District Online Systems
or... your district may have an online presence that is readily available for use as the face of your classroom!

Some of these options include:
Thing 3: Visual Learning
As teachers, we know that all students do not learn in the same manner. For our visual learners, there are some great techniques that we can incorporate into the JAG Curriculum.
The use of programs like Wordle or Tagxedo can help the visual learner to self-check their writing. These programs take what was written and, the more often a word is used, the larger it becomes...This JMG Cloud is an example:
Sometimes, simply providing our instructions by way of flow-chart may assist in a student having a better understanding of what we are looking for in the end product. Gliffy is a wonderfully easy-to-use tool that can help you create flow-charts.
Brainstorming can be made fun and interesting through the use of the program bubbl.us
Many of my students (almost all of them) have a cell phone that can scan QR codes. I've used this to help students identify information for reports, do a virtual scavenger hunt, etc... I have used QR Stuff which is fun because you can change the colors and enter in all types of information. However, for this example, I used the widget that Google Chrome. If you scan the image below, it should take you to the homepage of the school where I facilitate an out-of-school JMG (Jobs for Michigan Graduates) program.
QR Codes
Today, I created my first infographic using picktochart. Without going "pro" there aren't many templates to choose from but I was able to customize a template fairly easily. JMG is a program that teaches leadership skills, workplace communication, and employability. As a JMG Specialist, you will be able to print and post original infographics in your classroom!
Thing 4: Cloud Initiation
JMG Specialists should consider the use of FREE online storage as providing many benefits, including:

Storing information that may be accessed later
Sharing information and documents with students, peers, and parents
Backing up important information
Bookmarking sites that we would like to revisit
For those who have never used the "cloud", watch this video for some "cloud basics".
Online Bookmarking
We all know that access to reliable computers can sometimes present a challenge for the JMG Specialist. One great invention that can help to alleviate some of our frustration is the use of "cloud bookmarking" tools.
The use of programs such as symbaloo or diigo can become ways in which we overcome the obstacles presented by a lack of reliable, accessible computers or a transient population of students.
Online Data Storage
As a JMG Specialist, you have access to the JMG Dropbox. A dropbox is a free service in the cloud that allows you to upload documents, videos, or photos and access them from anywhere. If you have never used dropbox before, please watch the video tutorial below. If you do not currently have access to the JMG dropbox, please contact me by e-mail to let me know.
Thing 5: Collaboration
There are two types of online collaboration.
Asynchronous collaboration happens at different times and in different locations
Synchronous collaboration happens at the same time but in different locations
JMG Application:

Both types of online collaboration can be useful to the JMG Specialist to deliver coursework and during the twelve month follow-up period.

Let's take a look at the software that provides us with these options...
Google Drive
Many JMG Specialists have access to a google drive. Google Drive allows an individual to store documents online, share them with others, and even invite students to collaborate on a shared document. You can each edit online and in real time.

When a Google document is edited the document is automatically saved and stored, and a history of changes is kept. An on-screen chat window shows who else is online viewing the documents.

Google Drive is also available as an app for multiple platforms.
Especially during the twelve month follow-up period, establishing monthly meetings with students can sometimes present challenge.

Doodle can help you solve a difficult scheduling challenge or conduct a survey. This is a great tool to find out when the majority of meeting participants are available to meet, either online or in person. Another tool that is similar but contains additional features is Meeting Wizard.

Here is a screenshot of responses to a question about how often a group wanted to meet. Notice the totals of how many responded affirmatively is shown at the bottom of each column. How easy is this?
Thing 6: Collaboration
Educators are using web-based communication programs to bring ‘experts’ into the classroom, to collaborate with other classrooms across the globe, to connect with guest readers, and to reach learners in a virtual environment for instruction or support.

JMG Application:

A large part of the JMG Curriculum requires Specialists to bring in Guest Speakers from around the community... What better way to expand your options and provide unlimited potential to your classroom, then to offer online guest speaking options to local employers and colleges?

Let's talk about what this looks like...
Skype: http://www.skype.com/en/
The use of skype software can increase the number of guest speakers that interact with your students exponentially.

Check out this video tutorial:
Other Options:
Chatzy is a great option to allow mentors and employers "chat" online with students. As a teacher, you can monitor the chat and even print it off for future reference and reporting.


Here is a great tutorial for the beginning chatter:
Google has a "hangout on the air" feature that allows you to collaborate and communicate from a variety of locations. This feature will be beneficial for your students when they hold an event and would like to "share" the event with others within their school or community... or elsewhere.

Thing 7: Productivity
There are so many ways for JMG Specialists to incorporate technology into the classroom to improve the productivity of their Career Association and classroom instruction.

One way is to use the ZamZar program to change a written document into an audio file. This technique can make the content engaging and help those with lower reading ability to stay at pace with the other students.
Google Calendar
Establishing a google calendar for your Career Association to keep track of events and meetings and establishing a committee to control it will enable you to share information freely.

Shortening the URL...
Another great tool that I learned about on this part of my journey through technology was to shorten URLs.

This will be very helpful to JMG Specialists (including myself) so that we can incorporate links into assignments without confusing students!

I used three different tools to try this out and I think I prefer the google tool the best. All three are very user-friendly and easy to use.

Long Version: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hweVUiikPjrvgKu-_5Burtd1HmUpbcTTpHhGlDKr1d4/edit

Short Version using Google URL Shortener: http://goo.gl/rDnlHT (I like this version the best because my students and the other teachers are already familiar with google products)

Short Version using TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/p9cnqo3

Short Version using Bitly: http://bit.ly/1yGDRGv
On your next visit, we will examine Things 8 - 14 ...

...through the looking glass...
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