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Contender: Boeing. (GBD Championship)

No description

Nadia Rassudova

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Contender: Boeing. (GBD Championship)

Nadezda Pankova Elena Pushnina Evgeniia Chernogubova Contender: Boeing STAKEHOLDERS (test and evaluation, technology, strategy, development, environmental remediation management and intellectual property management) creation enablers: KEY ENABLERS: Engineering, Operations & Technology business unit of BOEING (EOT)
NadCap supplier accreditation

local US and non-US organizations responsible for environment protection, governmental organizations societal and legal enablers KEY ENABLERS United states environmental protection agency (EPA)
European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Engineers,
logistics specialists, IT specialists,
Network & Space Systems specialists,
test pilots
etc... personnel { 171,700 sourse: Boeing Annual Report 2011 D ELOITTE & T OUCHE LLP - financial audtor
NAVAL Air Systems Command – the main logistics subcontractor, 24/7 logistics support .
All Points Logistics LLC (APL) - technical and management support services to the U.S. Government and its prime contractors . commercial enablers KEY ENABLERS Business service providers Major 5 Direct Holders 0,2%
Top 10 Institutional investors: 34,2%
Top Mutual Fund Holders: 10,78%
Stock Market and other investors: 54,8% OWNERS •In 2011:
46,5% - revenue from Defense, Space & Security segment (BDS)
53,5% - revenue from Commercial Airplanes segment (CA) clients KEY BDS CLIENTS 2011 NASA
US D.o.D KEY COMMERCIAL CLIENTS 2011 Emirates Airline: 18 bln $
Silkair: 5 bln $ source: Yahoo Finance, Boeing Annual report 2011. International defense organizations
government structures,
ordinary passenger USERS Entrepreneurs, bankers, investment fund, ready to invest in the industry)
•Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
•J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
•JPMorgan Chase Bank
•European commercial banks INVESTORS AND CREDITORS Boeing annually purchases more than $50 billion in goods and services from a global network of more than 28,000 suppliers that collectively employ more than 1.2 million people SUPPLIERS skill and competences supply engineering support, Integrated Logistics, Information Technology, Facilities and Environmental Services Management, Professional, Engineering and Technical Support and Professional Staffing Services material supply Epoxies, Urethanes, Polysulfides and Silicones, aluminum (sheet, plate, forgings and extrusions), titanium (sheet, plate, forgings and extrusions) and composites (including carbon and boron) KEY SUPPLIERS: Spirit AeroSystems(Global leader) (Aerostructures),
Precision Castparts Corp(USa) .(Aerostructures),
Pratt & Whitney (GLOBAL) (aircraft engines),
General Electric Co.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Troy, N.Y.
Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta
BAE Systems Controls Inc. – Endicott, N.Y.
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd – Tochigi, Japan
ad Tech – Germany
TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) - India
GTD – Australia sources: http://www.gtd.net.au/contact-us.html, http://www.boeingsuppliers.com/ CREATION Customer Knowledge and Focus
Large-Scale Systems Integration
lean and efficient design and production systems CORE COMPETENCES sourse: http://www.boeing.com/news/speeches/2002/koellner_020918.html development, production and marketing of commercial jet aircraft
research, development, production, modification and support of the following products and related systems: global strike systems: Key processes - network and tactical systems, including electronics and mission systems; - information solutions including cyber security, - secure mobile applications, - analytics and secure infrastructure; - strategic missile and defense systems; - space and intelligence systems; - space exploration - irborne surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft; Access to exotic matetrials,
skilled personnel,
relyable logistics,
intellectual property (R&D, patents etc) STRATEGIC ASSETS core value: leadership. Management culture
2. Integrity.
3. Quality.
4. Customer satisfaction.
5. People working together.
6. A diverse and Involved team.
7. Good Corporate Citizenship.
8. Enhancing shareholder value. source: http://www.boeing.com/careers/culture/index.html Boeing has Matrix organizational structure Organizational model Business development and strategy Communication Engineering, Operations & technology Finance/Boeing Capital Corporation Human Resources Administration/ Shared Services Group International Law Office of Internal Governance Government Relations source: www.boeing.com Creating our character Boeing departments Boeing Government structure leadership development: Creating better ways to create Boeing utilizes a high-quality, integrated leadership development approach that:
–Reinforces Boeing values and “one-company” culture
–Focuses on business and leadership skills, utilizing a Leaders Teaching Leaders methodology
–Supports the company's strategic business objectives through education, training, mentoring and candid performance assessments
–Tackles real business challenges and gathers candid feedback at a state-of-the-art leadership center source: Boeing Annual Report 2011 Enabling technologies provides Boeing with technical and functional capabilities, including information technology, research and development, test and evaluation, technology strategy development, environmental remediation management and intellectual property management. Engineering, Operations & Technology(EO&T) source: Annual Report 2011 OFFER OFFER to customers to talent to investors commodities goods services experiences transformations Increased differentiation Increased Personalization Standardized models Proactively provide
customer support to earn preference Optimize customers’ operations (planning, training & digital tools)
Customization of airplanes according to customer’s priorities Recognition worldwide, strong brand,
high quality products Become a trusted lifetime service provider and advance into adjacencies wages and salaries. "everyone is a leader”
Jobs: creativity, passion,
and desire to develop Continuing career growth - 95 percent of today's senior leaders were promoted from within our workforce Exceeding the the average safety norm for aircraft industry (25 percent by 2013.) Entrepreneurship on the places (no)
Freedom of association
internal learning programs
tuition reimbursement Dividends •Two types:
• registered shareholder,• beneficial owner of stock Dividend reinvestment,
optional Cash purchase plan ***All shareholders rights, regulated by the law. ***All shareholders rights, regulated by the law. CHARACTER The Boeing Company was founded in 1916 by William E.Boeing in Seattle, Washington. It’s an American multinational aerospace and defense corporation. The company was raised over year and merged with McDonnel Douglas in 1997 . Experience –Lessons we have learned By recruiting leaders, the company has always been a leader Credo – What we believe in source: www.boeing.com Vision 2016 : People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace leadership
Run healthy core businesses
Leverage strengths into new products and services
Open new frontiers Vision – What we dream of becoming source: The Boeing Company overview 9/17/2012 The measure of success:
*Customers and customer support in 150 countries
-Total revenue in 2011 : 68,7 billion
- 70 percent of commercial airplane revenue historically from customers outside the United States
*Manufacturing, service and technology partnerships with companies around the world
-Contracts with 26 500 suppliers and partners globally
*Research , design and technology –development centers and programs in multiple countries
*More than 170 000 Boeing employees in 50 states and 70 countries Metrics – The measure of success Hypotheses – What we bet on
•Detailed customer knowledge and focus that understand, anticipate and respond to customer needs.
•Large-scale systems integration that continually develops and advances technical excellence.
•A lean enterprise characterized by efficiency, supplier management, short cycle times, high quality and low transaction costs . Hypotheses – What we bet on We exist because what others dream we do Purpose – Why we exist We aspire to be the strongest, best and best-integrated aerospace-based company in the world-for today and tomorrow Mission – What drives us source: 2011 annual report, The Boeing Company. Leadership
Customer satisfaction
People working together
A diverse and involved team
Good corporate citizenship
Enhancing shareholder value Values – What we value source: The Boeing Company overview 9/17/2012 2 main businesses:
1. Commercial airplanes
2. Defense, Space & Security (BDS) business comprises three segments:
•Boeing Military Aircraft (BMA),
•Network & Space Systems (N&SS)
•Global Services & Support (GS&S); Boeing is: 68,7 revenue in 2011 28 000 suppliers customers in 150 countries! leading producer of military and commercial aircraft 70 % of commercial airplane revenue - outside of the USA More than 170,000 Boeing employees in 50 states and 70 countries Global Business Design Championship Profeessor: Benoit Montreuil University Laval, FSA, Quebec, Canada 2012
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