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No description

Suzie Garrett

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of OAMRS

Who is represented?
Radiation Therapy

As well as...
Nuclear Medicine
Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences
provincial professional association for all medical radiation sciences
provides many different varieties of continuing education
advocates on behalf of members of the professional organizations
awards and bursaries available for members
OAMRS Membership is voluntary and available to students for free as well as to practitioners for a price. Membership prices ranges from $160 - $468 depending on what month of the year you join and if you are joining as a Sonographer or a MRT.
Volunteer Opportunities
OAMRS offers many opportunities for its members to volunteer for their section activities.
Some activities involve:
education days
Benefits of Volunteering
allows you to contribute to the profession and the community
some volunteer work might be able to count for continuing education hours
gives you the chance to meet other people practicing in the profession
lets you get experience in areas you are interested in
volunteer work is good work experience for your resume and for future jobs
can help you improve your interpersonal and communication skill
Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences
Benefits of Membership
Professional Liability Insurance
Personal, Home and Auto Insurances
Accidental death and dismemberment coverage
Discounted education and conference rates
Professional practice advice and support
* Student members have access to conferences, events,
awards, benefit program and
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