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synergy flow of ER

No description

Herda Djajasasmita

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of synergy flow of ER

GCDP GIP TMP/TLP Finance ER ER ER comm comm comm ICX
Give education about marketing and selling for OCs of project
Research external relevancies
Support projects and PBoX with links/marketing list for sponsorship
and project partner
Utilize links from BoA, government
and other stakeholders
Showcase to external stakeholders OGX
Building partnership with universities and faculties (synergy with UCD for univ that haven't tapped before)
Provide Speaker for Exchange Fair
Help the bureaucracy in university such as legalization of event, room, etc. pricing of partnership
Important documents ICX
Building partnership with
companies and Institution
 Support database for
GIP TN Raising
 Utilize link from External esp.
BoA for GIP TN
Attend networking event
Partnership with learning partner for GLEN project OGX
Support GIP Fair in
Graduation Day via
Partnership with international office or job vacancy centre to spread about OGX GIP TM
Support to Find Learning Partner
Provide Speaker for Local
Conference and Training
Give Selling and Marketing Training
for Member
Alumni management ER comm
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