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Music of Australia - Indigenous Music

Classroom Music Project

Sam Haddon

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Music of Australia - Indigenous Music

Music of Australia - Indigenous Music
Whe naboriginal people use the word country it means something different to what we think it means. For aboriginal people their country is their: Land, food, nature, stories, actions, rituals & overall everyday skills. The aboriginal people have to protect their country from being taken which was taken from them when the first fleet arrived in Australia. Their country means everything to them
Aboriginal instruments include the didgeridoo, the bullroarer, the gumleaf, the clapsticks, hand claps, rasp, rattle, percussion tube & the skin drum
Ceremonial Arts
At ceremonies, song and dance were often presented when it was a very huge crowd and a popular ceremony. Goods were often traded as well. These ceremonies often happened when there was lots of food. These exchanges of music and arts are hidden in our mess of a modern world.
Spiritual Beliefs
Social Structures
Aborigines have very complex social and marriage laws based on groups in their society. They also have a complicated kinship system where everybody is related to each other. This can be divided into three main aspects. First, the physical structuring in terms of number of people. Second, the religious with religions and customs. Third, the social structuring like festivals and get-togethers.

Aboriginal spirituality is extremely linked to their land. They were born in that place, therefre they will die there. They get their food, culture, dreaming & stories from their land. Some aborigines say that the land owns them instead of them owning the land. All objects live and share the same soul or spirit.
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