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Should We Keep Exporling Space

No description

laura dowdy

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Should We Keep Exporling Space

We should not exploring space, because people could get hurt or they could get lost in space. People have died in space, because there is no oxygen in space. Some people say we will be fine… at least that is what they thought.
Should We Keep Exploring Space

People can just be dummies sometimes. People take their helmet in space. I mean come on let’s be smart here. In addition, when they go to blast off they realize we are out of gas… so sad!
Some people want to make history like Neil Armstrong, but not everybody can. Because what if you are almost to the moon and you run out of gas. What are you going to do!?! You will just fall from the sky and die. In addition, what if your space ship blows up? You are so dead. :(
That is why we should not explore space.

That is why we should not explore space. People could get hurt. People can be stupid. In addition, they get lost. So let’s not explore space.
This is a pic of a space ship that got blown up almost 5 or6 people lost there lives that day.:(
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