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Mac Vs. PC

This is for an persuasive speech to help user gain interest for macs.

Mitchell Alston

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Mac Vs. PC

History of the Mac 1981 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak 1985-Steve Leaves 1989- Mac Portable 1997-Jobs is back 1998-iMac 2004-iPod, MacBook 2007-iPhones, Leopard OS 2010-iPad Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7 $$COST$$ Snow Leopard $29 Windows 7 Home $120 Installation Windows 7 Install or upgrade?
hardware configuration? Applications “It's as intuitive and as aesthetically pleasing an operating system as you can find.”
-Preston Gralla Mac vs. PC Brains and Beuaty Macs dont get PC viruses PC's are vulnerable to many viruses Always up to date all macs regularyly check for updates in softare to improve the computer over time
updates in software for PCs cost money
Born Ready Macs come complete and ready to use without installation PCs are not complete and call for a series of installations and tests. Rivalries Mac: Personality Matters Elegance Dual boot Works great with iPods and iPhones Cheaper in the Long Run
Easy and fun to Use Can have a different hard drive that is strictly microsoft Lasts long Are you a Mac or a PC?
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