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Emily New

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of HIV/AIDS

Intro into HIV/AIDS
HIV is a virus that attacks one's immune system, making it hard for one to fight off diseases and infections

Most common form of contraction is having sex without a condom
How is HIV/AIDS advertised daily in the world?
Education projects
How is HIV/AIDS advertised on campus?
Each semester the clinic does free testing for students for a day

Passing out condoms on campus

During the Freshman talk when one first arrives on campus
What are better ways to market or advertise HIV/AIDS on campus?
Have organizations where you talk about diseases

Have the clinic have free testing 24/7

Have an educational HIV/AIDS convention on campus

Having small informational facts about HIV/AIDS around campus
Symptoms for a patient that has HIV/AIDS
Pain in the stomach
Dry cough
Pain while swallowing
Fatigue, fever, vomiting, nausea
Marketing and Advertising
Emily New, Paul Diekhoff, Brock Magdich, and Karyn Tracy
Patient Perspective
Can't be cured, but treatment can help
Can last for years or may be lifelong
Lab tests required to make a diagnosis
Global Perspective
Health Professional Perspective
Thank you!
Importance of epidemiology
Future of disease
Global Perspective
Regions prevalence rates

How numbers affect world as a whole
Eastern/Southern Africa: 19 million
Asia: 5.1 million
West/central Europe and North America: 2.4 million
Huge stigma that comes with having HIV/AIDS
In 1992, public partnership called BRTA went into effect to help reduce stigma

Education toward testing and prevention started being offered in workplaces
Health Professional Perspective
Some patients still think the virus is a death sentence
June is AIDS awareness
Health Professional Perspective
Doctors must maintain confidentiality
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