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Summarization and Draw Conclusions

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on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Summarization and Draw Conclusions

"Standing Up"
NBC Dateline Experiment

Please take a book and turn to page 100 and complete the questions 1-6

THEN turn to page 74 and complete questions 1-6
a brief statement of a main idea and significant important details based on the idea
The Process of Summarization
1. Identify the main idea of the article
2. Identify some important details
3. Summarize the article within 2-3 sentences
The Process of Draw Conclusions
1. Find textual evidence and highlight key points

2. Form an opinion about the text

3. State reasons for the opinion

Drawing Conclusions
to form an opinion based on a text evidence and reasoning
Text Says!
Exit Slip
Video Link

Read the Article with a partner
When you are finished answer questions.
1. What do you think Martina would have done if she were on the judge panel for this mock singing show in the Dateline experiment you read about in “Standing Up”?
2. What impact do you think she would/could have made? Why? Use at least two details from the text that support your answer to these questions.
ACE this Question
Answer with a partner
1. What was theme
2. Given what you learned from “Standing Up,” might have helped her take action to stand up for what was right? Use at least two details from the text to support your answer to these questions.
If I bring a half dozen men to my room each night, and each man pays Mumtaz 30 rupees, I am 180 rupees closer each day to going back home. If I work for a hundred days more, I should have nearly enough to pay back the 20,000 rupees I owe to Mumtaz.

Then Shahanna teaches me city subtraction.

Half of what the men pay goes to Mumtaz, she says. Then you must take away 80 rupees for what Mumtaz charges for your daily rice and dal. Another 100 a week for renting you a bed and pillow. And 500 for the shot the dirty-hands doctor gives us once a month so that we won't become pregnant.

She also warns me: Mumtaz will bury you alive if she sees your little book of figures.

I do the calculations.

And realize I am already buried alive.

"Sold" by Patricia McCormick
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