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on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Yup'ik

The Yup'ik people are indigenous people who have a talent of using the environment to support many of their day to day lives. These people have used the permafrost layers for a long time but now, due to many climate changes, they suffer from food loss and have no area to store their food.
What we want you to know
The Yup'ik people live in the southern parts of Alaska, in the arctic. Since the permafrost and snow in the Arctic is melting, the Yup'ik have less and less space to live.
What actions we would like to see
Some techniques we would like to present to solve this permafrost problem would be to enhance the idea of using more renewable resources. We believe that if the world started to use renewable resources as well as cut the amount of fossil fuels, it can reduce the melting of the permafrost layer.
What actions we would like to see (cont.)
Some other potential solutions could be to deliberately create an aerosol containing SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) into the Earth's stratosphere which causes a .5° cooling in the Arctic each year. This aerosol would help keep the permafrost layer still cold and allow the Yup'ik people to use their old traditions for future generations to come.
Climate Change Concerns
Many Yup'ik people depend on the permafrost on there lands. They use it to store food like we use a fridge to store food. This layer is extremely important to them. Because of climate change and global warming, this permafrost layer is being melted and is causing animals to approach the tribal lands as well. Because of the animals being attracted as well as the layer being melted, it will leave many in starvation and hunger since there will not be enough food to store and give to everyone living there.
How the rest of the world can respond
The rest of the world should respond to this problem as quickly as possible. The indigenous people living here will have no place to stay after their lands have abruptly collapsed. The Yup'ik people have continued their traditions for several hundred years and have always used the environment as a key resource to help them. These people have done no harm to the world so we should repay them back with actions that benefit them. The world needs their support and if we were to do one of the following actions, we could possibly support these peoples traditions for years to come.
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