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The Dhaka Project

No description

Aimee Marquez

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The Dhaka Project

The Dhaka Project Mission i) To provide free education to slum children till High School.
ii) To provide balanced nutritious food for physical development.
iii) To ensure medical support and service for a healthy living.
iv) To inculcate faith based moral values for character building.
v) To provide counseling service to the families and community.
Dhaka Project aims to improve the quality of lives of the slum children of Dhaka through Education, Food and Health to bring emancipation from an environment for individuals delivering their full potential Importance of Dhaka Project It is important to know about their philosophy due to the many opportunity's they give children and their parents also. It is program of Rural Services Foundation (RSF) serving 424 children with Education, Food and Medication from the slums of Dhaka located at Gawair, Dhakkhin khan, Dhaka Finances The Dhaka's only form of receiving money is through donations. Every Penny counts. You can donate any amount to support the programs for underprivileged children of RSF Dhaka Project.
Any person from 14 and older with sound health and enthusiasm with a mind of exploring or having professional expertise can apply online to become a Volunteer of RSF Dhaka Project. You can Volunteer for a week or months depending on your Visa and time. Volunteers can stay at the guest house with all modern facilities and have an experience with the most underprivileged children in Bangladesh. You can apply online or email enquiries@thedhakaproject.org for more information Video
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