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Strategic Plan

kylee bulla

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Cetaphil

Current Positioning Brand Cornerstone: innovative skincare technology
Brand Perception: outdated imaging/packaging but overall pleased with products
Brand Messaging: Every Age. Every Stage. Every Day. Current Logo Objectives Values 1. To increase the number of
Cetaphil® moisturizer users
to 6%

2. To position Cetaphil® as an
industry leader & skincare
authority in 1 year.

3. Obtain exclusive approval
from a reputable national
dermatology group 1. Gentle & Simple
2. Skincare for all types
& all ages
3. Innovative skincare
4. Research & Healthcare
5. Integrity New Brand Identity Target Audiences: Tween/Teens, Male & Female
Adults 18-65 years of age
committment to innovative skincare technology
products gentle enough for people of all ages and skin types
brand promise to improve skin health
affordable simple products
most recommended by healthcare professionals

Personality: Simple, Professional, & Modern

Perception: regarded as industry leader & associated with
scientific innovation Differentiation & Specialization Medical brand positioning shared by competitors
Shift toward prevention, away from treatment
Leverage Research & Development Facility to become an industry leader
Bridging beauty & aesthetics of skin with the health & science behind the products New Logo Design Capitalizes on Cetaphil's® brand heritage but is modern & simple
Green drop symbolizes health & pharmaceutical background
Blue drop symbolizes gentle nature of Cetaphil® products Brand Message Map Brand Messages 1. Gentle formula, beautiful skin.

2. Simplify your skin.

3. The science of being comfortable
in your skin. Ad Concept #1 Ad Concept #2 Ad Concept #3 Print Ad Concepts Single-page print ad comps were constructed for each of the three principle brand messages
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