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No description

callahan jones

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Spanish

By Callahan
For my personal inquiry I am learning how to speak basic spanish. Obviously people from Spain can speak spanish, but it is also an official language in, Colombia, Peru, Cuba, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Mexico and other countries. Although not official, many countries speak it and other languages in Europe are similar to Spanish. This means that after learning this language It will be easier to learn other languages.

Here are some videos of people speaking fluent spanish,

I really like the sound of people talking fluent spanish as it sounds fast and hard when spoken well.
1. How much spanish am I going to learn?????

2. How long will it take to learn spanish?????

3. What internet sights will help me learn spanish?????

4. Where can I practice spanish????? (e.g. talk to someone in spanish)
To learn spanish I figured I first have to understand what I am saying. So having a good English-Spanish dictionary is a must. I found SpanishDict which is a really easy way to learn spanish as it can translate whole sentences at a time. It also can read out the words so it is easy to learn how to pronounce the words.
What I am going to Learn
This is a list of every common word that I am going to learn
1) Hello - Hola
3) Yes- Si
5) Please- Por Favor
7) My- Mi
9) Name- El Nombre
11) Drink- Beber
13) Bath- El Bano
15) Smile- La Sonrisa
17) Now- Ahora
19) Where- Donde
21) Who- Quien
23) Can- Poder
25) Food- La comida
27) Right- Derecho
29) Man- El Hombre
31) When- Cuando
2) Bye- Adios
4) No- No
6) Thanks- Gracias
8) Your- Tu
10) Is- Es
12) Shower- La Ducha
14) Could- Podrian
16) Money- El Dinro
18) And- Y
20) When- Caundo
22) Why- Por Que
24) You- Tu
26) Without- Sin
28) Wrong- Mal
30) Woman- La Mujer
32) The- El
I also used About Education to learn what words I should learn in spanish.
About Education
Answered Questions
1. How much spanish am I going to learn?????

A) I am going to learn only basic words and phrases.

2. How long will it take to learn spanish?????

A) The amount of time it would take is depended on how much I am going to learn so in my case not to long.

3. What internet sights will help me learn spanish?????

A) Spanishdict and About Education.

4. Where can I practice spanish?????

A) It would be easier to practice in the car and in my own spare time.

Phrases I am going to learn
1) Where is the bathroom? - Donde esta el bano

2) I know a little spanish - Se un poco de Espanol

3) My name is ______ - Me llamo

4) What is your name? - Como te llamas

5) Please help me - Por favor ayudeme

Thanks for Watching

Gracias por cuidarme
(Thanks for watching in spanish)
Video Proof
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