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Photographic sequence of transport through time in Australia!

Pictures that display the way that Australians got around through time from 1910.

steve pearce

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Photographic sequence of transport through time in Australia!

A Photographical Sequence that shows Australians way of transport through time!
By Steve.p Australian transport in 1910-1920! During the period between 1910-1920 Australians mostly used Horse and Carts, Moter cars and Steam trains as their transportation during this time. During this time railway transportation was quit large and was growing dramatically as more and more railways all over the country were being developed. Moter cars were imported from overseas from mainly from America, Brittan, Germany and France. The moter cars were mainly owned by the richer people at this time as they were newly developed and very expensive to buy and run. The more poor people would be transported by Horse and cart. Australian Transport in 1920-1930! During the period of 1920-1930 the main way of transportation was horse and carts, moter-cars, railway transpotration, small boats and large ships and a favourite the bicycle which was quiet popular at this time. Horse and Carts in this period were used not only for personal transportation, but for transportation of most foods and goods, mail and other such things. Railway lines were getting bigger as thay began to join all around the country. In some of the larger cities trams were used which was a popular way to get around the city. In the rivers paddlesteamers and small boats were used for transportation and in the sea larger ships were used which were begining to travel overseas to transport all kinds of resorces, and all around the country people were using their bicycles as a use of some close range transportation. Moterised cars were slowly getting imported more and more also. Australian Transport in
1930-1940: During the period between 1930-1940 transportation is Australia
was really starting to grow. The main ways of transportation during
this period were Railways, hoarse driven transpot, automibles, ocean liners,small and large boats, public transit, blimps, seaplanes, double decker buses, trams and a new form of transport that was really starting was air travel. During this time air travel had been around for many years ,but at this point it was really beginning to start ,as larger aircraft were built and airplanes started to get used more for people transportation aswell as transporting cargo all over the world. Australian Transport in
1940-1950: During the period of 1940-1950 transport started to become more modern and innovative. In this period automobils (cars), buses that were often double decker, ships and airplanes were the main ways of transport. The biggest one of thease though was the car. A lot more people came to own an automobile especially in towns and cities. More manufactures were producing cars so there was more competition and the prices of cars lowerd macking it easier for more people to own one. Australian Transportation
1950-1960: During the period of 1950-1960 transportation was mostly cars, buses which were getting larger, trucks which were really starting to become commen and larger,submarines which was new, the hot air baloon which was a new shining way to capture a view, and other commen transport like trams, bikes and trains. By this time in Australia transport was on its way to beccoming a big thing. Australian transport
1960-1970: During the period of 1960-1970 transport was abundent. In this period the transport was becoming diffrent.Some of the transport in this time where 3 wheeled cars with a door at the front, planes, jets, the new concord super jet, motercycles where becoming popular in this time, roller coasters which where appearing in amusment parks and finally the helicopter. The first helicopter to ever become airborne was in 1909 but since this time in Australia helicopters had become better developed and by the 60s they where becoming a commen way of air travel used in the army, navy, airforce and in many other places. Australian Transport 1970-1980: From 1970-1980 most of the transport was moterbikes, jets, caravans and campervans which where comming in as a way for people to travel around, buses, cars and some larger cargo planes and ships were starting to become more commen as the world was becoming a connected place and we would start to trade resorces. Australian Transport
1980-1990: This is the end of the presentation. Thankyou for watching :) Transport in australia in the 80s was a time when transport had really come a long way and australia was filled with all diffrent forms of transport. By this time we had as much transport as any contry in the world. The transport by now consisted of cars, planes, jets, moterbikes, boats, ships, trucks, buses, trams, skyrails, amusment rides, campervans, caravans, paddlesteamers, blimps, hot air baloons, convertibles and lots more. Australia was filled with transport and this lead to the transport that we have today.
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