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Anthony Fokker

No description

Zach Dodson

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Anthony Fokker

Zach Dodson
Anthony Fokker
Anthony Fokker was born April 6 1890 built planes out of curiosity(not really, they were made of meatl!) Anthony's first plane was callld the Diesppine. he built planes for World War I and made over 40 types of planes!
The Gear System is a system that allows the machine guns on the plane to shoot through the propellers while they are moving. The way the gear system works is Anthony built the special gear system and combined it with a timer and when a pilot pulls the trigger or presses the shiny red button (Depends on the type of plane) and the machine gun might wait but then at the right time it will fire the rapid fire gun to take down the enemy.
The gear system
Anthony's job was to design airplanes for WWI. he made over 40 planes that were his own design. his first plane was called the die spinne and he also mad planes like the Dr.1 triplane, Eindecker monoplanes, and the D.VII biplane.
Anthony Fokker died December 23 1939 (aged 49). his cause of death was pneumococcal meningtis. He was remembered for his planes he built for World War I.
Anthony Fokker's End
Anthony Fokker's planes
Anthony's Job

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