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my road trip

No description

Emily Zibert

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of my road trip

Our road trip
Starting in Port Clinton
Having all our plans and getting ready to sit in a car for 22 hours. Being ready to see how the lands change around us. Getting ready to breath the fresh mountain air and drive over the rolling hills.
Gas. you kinda need it
miles: 3063 / 25 = 122.52 x 3.50 = $428.82
Hotels & their cost
Ramanda $84 per night
LaQuinta $109 per night
Days Inn $94 per night
Food. we love food
breakfast: The hotels had complimentary breakfast and we stopped at McDonalds on the road there
lunch: before we left we got food from the store for all our lunches
&dinner: We ate out every night trying new things
In Wyoming
by Emily Zibert
Elizabeth VanDyke

Bunkhouse bar & grill
Boomers BBQ
pizza hut
territorial prison
Ivinson mansion
we stopped at the pony express in Nebraska
this was the very first pony express
Cheyenne Depot Museum
Big Boy Steam Engine
Bit-O-Wyo Ranch
Th e Wrangler store
We also stoped at the worlds largest truck stop
Iowa 80
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