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Cambrian period

No description

juliana chavez

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Cambrian period

it started about 540 million years ago
it ended about 490 million years ago
it is apart of the Palaeozoic era.
What makes the Cambrian unique?
What major events in geologic history occurred during this time?
What plants lived during this time?
What life forms lived during this time?
1.phylum Broyozoa:It is an aquatic invertebrate animal
What life forms lived during this time?
3. starfish: Starfish are marine invertebrates.
Cambrian period
by: Juliana & Brianna

the Cambrian period
The Cambrian is unique because there are animals that no longer exist. It was the time when most of the major groups of animals first appeared in the fossil record. It was the first geologic period of the Palaeozoic era.
The major event that occurred in geologic history is the Cambrian explosion which materialized animals rapidly. Which also means that it was a time when major animal groups that we know first started appearing in Earth.
That is how the continents looked like in the Cambrian period.
the weather was cold then it started to get warmer because of oxygen.
Red algae: A large group of algae that includes many seaweeds that are mainly red in color
Green algae:The green algae is a large, informal grouping of algae consisting of the chlorophyte, charophyte algae.
2. Brachiopoda:They are marine animals that have had valves on the upper and lower surfaces (resembles clams)
you know you are there because you will be able to see a lot of water, animals you wont recognize, and you wont see everyday buildings, cars, and more man made things.
how do you know you are there?
what you should pack:
A lot of oxygen tanks (10 oxygen tanks per day)
scuba diver swimsuit
flippers and water proof shoes
4. Sponge spicule: A needle like structure or part, such as one of the mineral structures supporting the soft tissue of certain invertebrates, especially sponges.
phylum Bryozoa
the following organisms appeared and disappeared during the Cambrian
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