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How Did The Dinosaurs Disappear? (R4R)

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Melaina Melcher

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of How Did The Dinosaurs Disappear? (R4R)

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli A Prezi By: Melaina The Disappearing Of The Dinosaurs Introduction Imagine yourself as a Dinosaur; any Dinosaur. Weird right? Anyways, you are walking around your land that has been your home for your entire life, but then all of the sudden something starts falling from the sky. What could it be? You don't know, but it clouds up the sky making it hard to see. Soon it will be a problem; a big problem. There will be no light, which leads to no plants, which kills some dinosaurs, and then kills you. That thing is a Meteor. A Meteor is only one reason the Scientists think the Dinosaurs died. But could there be more? When Did Dinosaurs Roam Earth? The question is: When actually did the Dinosaurs roam? There is somewhat of an answer. Scientists think that Dinosaurs roamed about seventy million years ago. They think they had been roaming the land for a least one-hundred forty years before they went extinct. But, if that is the true answer, there is much more to learn about the time period, and the life long ago if they were actually here. Many, Many,Different Theories You ask a friend what they think happened to make the dinosaurs disappear. They say diseases. You disagree, because you think it was a meteor. Who's right? The truth is, you both could possibly be right.There are many different theories to why the dinosaurs disappeared. Here are only a few: Diseases, Worldwide Flooding, Evolving into birds, and other mammals killed them by eating eggs over time. Don't you want to hear the best one? One scientist said they thought there were Aliens in Flying Saucers! Did Something Actually Strike Earth? You are probably wondering if something did strike our Earth, or anything at all. Most Scientists, are leaning to the fact that a Meteor hit, while others simply do not. However, it would be logical to say that because of simply what a big asteroid can do. An asteroid could have hit Earth, making there less heat, food, and cold temperatures. But the ultimate question is: Could there be evidence? Some Asteroid Evidence... What you've been waiting for! There is evidence that an Asteroid did hit the Earth about sixty-five years ago. That is also when they thought Dinosaurs might have died! One professor was down looking at the layers of our ground when he found a soft type of clay-like material. He took it back to get a sample, and a few days later the results were very surprising! That stuff was iridium. Iridium is only found in Comets and Asteroids, meaning an Asteroid or big Comet did hit Earth! And, it was sixty-five million years old too! Scientists thought the Dinosaurs died about seventy million years ago, but they were very close now, finding out it could have been sixty-five million years ago! Another Asteroid? Or Even More? Could an Asteroid, or Asteroids, strike our Earth again? The answer is they could. Scientists have done research to find out that they think the Sun might have a Sister called the "Dark Star." Every twenty-eight million years, the Dark Star gets very close to our regular Sun, making the gravity get messed up, and for billions of asteroids to go flying down on Earth and the Solar System also. So, yes they could strike again. However, the hasn't been the twenty-eight year interval, so not any time soon! In this day and age, there will always be the mystery to why exactly the Dinosaurs ended up disappearing and going extinct. Many people believe that somewhere in our future, Scientists will have figured out the true and real reason why they went extinct. However, right now there isn't an answer. Closing A Picture Of What Life Would've Looked Like When The Dinosaurs Were Living. Earth When The Dinosaurs Roamed. A Visual Picture Of What A Meteor Falling Down On Earth, Killing the Dinosaurs, Would've Looked Like. Real Asteroid Evidence That A Meteor or Asteroid Did Strike Earth A Very Long Time Ago. A Chart Of Different Theories Scientists Have What An Asteroid Hitting Earth Would Look Like When It Would Hit Every 28 Million Years. What We See Of The Dinosaurs Today. Shown Below, Is A T Rex Fossil That's Very Old.
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