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The Roles of the Teacher

The contexts in which teachers work

manuel peralta

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of The Roles of the Teacher

"...part taken by a participant in any act of communication"
(Ellis and McClintock. 1990)
Roles reflecting institutional factors
"Traditional" school
Private (non-traditional) institution
Vertical organization
Senior teachers make key decisions.
Little monitoring of what is taught, and how is taught.
Horizontal organization
Switching roles (leader, follower).
Shared responsibility of decisions on curriculum courses.
Applied Linguistics Department of PUCMM

Curriculum developer.
Material developer.
Team member.
Roles reflecting a teaching approach
Active Teaching
Cooperative Learning
Communicative Language Teaching
The teacher:
communicates clearly
monitors progress
provides feedback
The teacher:
Shares responsibility
Structures the learning environment.
Stimulates language use.
Coordinates group activities.
Gives feedback/motivation.
The teacher:
Facilitates communication process.
Acts as an independent member of the learning group.
Researcher and Learner (Breen and Candlin, 1980:99)
Total Physical Response
The teacher is:
A director.
A non-verbal model.
Roles reflecting a personal view of teaching
Quality controller.
Group organizer.
Team member.
Roles overlap. You cannot be all things to all people. Roles change during the lessons.
*Can you think of some teachers who have played some of the roles mentioned above?
*How have the teachers' roles helped you to be successful in your learning?
*For homework, you will prepare a five-minute session, teaching the class something. Play one to three of the roles of a teacher.
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