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Online Games

No description

MR. S.

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Online Games

Costs to play online
Little to no games are free online. All the good games will absolutely cost money. At places like Gamestop prices for new releases can range from 40 to $60. Those games are usually by very well known developers. Lower lesser known developers will cost less usually.
Games to play
There are so many different types of games. There are racing games, to shooters, to mind games, and so many others. You can play what ever you want.
Online Gaming
Gaming consols
There are some many different games to play. And different consols to play them on. There are
How Net Neutrality and Online Gaming go together
While playing games online you need to be fair or it just ruins the game. Cheating is the worst thing someone can do in a game, because it can make people quit and or report you.
Online Games
Andrew Ciarelli

Online Gaming is a place where you and your friends or just random people can have fun and play games. Its where you can escape the world and play.
Project created from my own knowledge.
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