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Appropriate and Inappropriate Workplace Behavior

No description

Preston Burgett

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Appropriate and Inappropriate Workplace Behavior

Appropriate and Inappropriate Workplace Behavior
1. Compliments
It's nice to get complimented by fellow workers. Complimenting others is a nice way to tell them they are doing their job right. Then there are the compliments that go a little too far. These compliments are inappropriate to the workplace. Most commonly comments on the body. These can get you filed for harassment and fired.
2. Relationships in a workplace
Yes, it is nice to be with someone, but it isn't a good idea in the workplace. Dating someone in a worplace could result in some very bad outcomes. Such things include, getting fired, higher expectations, very intense working hours. You CAN date someone or even be married to someone and work together, but it could end in very bad situations.
3. Harassment
Even though this is another topic within itself. It still needs to be talked about. Harassment usually comes from a boss of the workplace. Sometimes a boss might say "If you do this with me. You'll get a raise. If you dont. You'll get fired". Usually if this happens filing for harassment is the best way to go. If you are the boss yourself, don't be like the others. Be respectful, be kind, DO YOUR JOB.
4. Behavior in the workplace.
You got the job because the guy/girl who hired you thought you could be an adult. Don't prove them wrong. Behaving like a monkey is not a good way to act in the workplace. A nice way to act is be kind and respectful to other workers and your employer. Don't be another perv who can't stop himself from trying to get a girl. Do your job, do it on time, do it right, Or go live on the streets.
5. Being on time. Doing your job.
Think you can just skip a job and get paid? Wrong. You have to show up on time to get your weeks worth of pay. For example, seeing a giant sale on a commercial and taking a sick day is not appropriate. You barely have any sick days to begin with. Soon enough you won't get paid for being lazy. Doing your job is important. Doing it correctly is even more important. Not knowing what you are doing and not telling anyone isn't a good idea. Get help. No procrastinating either. The employer doesn't pay you to sit around all day just to get one thing done.
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