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Nu Phi Chi

No description

Kimberly Stewart

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Nu Phi Chi

Nu Phi Chi Sorority
Volunteer Work
We don't do it because we have to, we do it because
we love to give back
Light the Night Walk, LLS, Our Philanthropy
Runner DM,Campus Clean Up, Planting Trees, Color Me Rad, Scary SRC Carnival
Sisters for Life!
Nu Phi Chi Sorority
Local, established at CSUB Feb. 28th 2003
Mission Statement: "Nu Phi Chi is an organization for women whose main purpose is to promote higher education, success, diversity, leadership, teamwork, sisterhood, and community service.
We have several fundraisers throughout the year to help us raise money
Sour Punch straws
Taco Sale
Royal Affair
Contact Us!
The process of becoming a member
Approximately 6-8 weeks
Fall & Winter
Don't worry you won't be alone you will have your Big to mentor you
We recruit the first 2 weeks of fall and winter quarter
We table at DDH Student Union Patio and the Red Brick Road
Email: nox.csub@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nuphichisorority
Instagram: Instagram.com/nuphichi
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