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Avanti Fellows - BASES Socia E-Challenge Finals

Presented at Stanford on April 29, 2010

Akshay Saxena

on 1 August 2010

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Transcript of Avanti Fellows - BASES Socia E-Challenge Finals

Avanti Fellows IIT Alumni IIT Students Human Capital Financial Capital ACTs Coaching Alumni
Advisors Systemic Bias IIT Selection Bias Lack of Mentorship Student
Mentors Opportunity JEE Coaching Classes 500,000 | | | | | | 8,000 < 2% 80% $2.6 Bn 70% urban Fees > $4,500
9x Avg. household income Mentorship Support Systems Role Models Professional Networks $ 30B $100M p.a. $8 M
funding gap Culture of Mentorship Student run organizations Tremendous empathy for cause Academic expertise Sponsors Execution Plan 2010 2011 2012 2013 1 IIT
50 Fellows 2 IITs
150 Fellows 3 IITs
300 Fellows 4 IITs
500 Fellows Current Progress 12 Fellows attending classes

50 by July 2010

MoUs with IIT Bombay, Pace
and Akanksha

> 50 Mentors signed up

> 500 Commitments to program Team Avanti Incentives Incredible reputational/brand upside Strong connection as alumni Incentives Relevant social entrepreneurship experience Access to accomplished alumni and advisors Rewarding social impact Annual donors
One time endowments Metrics Frequency of interactions
Academic performance
Student feedback Students Faculty Administration Avanti Corporate
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