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Tubby Ted by Nick Varga


M2K Kids

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Tubby Ted by Nick Varga

Tubby Ted's
The debut of Tubby Ted is on page 4 when he says "He means if the ship sinks." Then the narrator says he has a gift for looking on the dark side of things. That gives a kind of overall impression.
Tubby Ted's
Tubby Ted's strengths are eating and talking. On page 224 it says "Land!" shouted Thomas. "Is there food?" asked Tubby Ted. Page 237 "We can go days without food," said Alf. "WHAT," said Tubby Ted. Page 242, Tubby Ted is even to tired to talk, James thought, that's one good thing that came out of all this.
Tubby Ted's
Tubby Ted's weakness is being hungry. Page 333 "And the crocodile!" interrupted Thomas. "I'm hungry," said Tubby Ted. "Is there any..."
Tubby Ted's
Feelings and thoughts
Tubby Ted thinks on the dark side. On page 4 the story writes: "He means if the ship sinks," said Tubby Ted, who has a gift for looking on the dark side.
Tubby Ted's Actions
Page 38: Tubby Ted, always the first to take action where food was concerned, cupped his hands and scooped out a handful of the liquid with some small grayish lumps floating in it. He sniffed it, wrinkled his nose, then shrugged and took a lump in to his mouth. Immediately he spat it onto the floor. "IT'S ALIVE!" He screamed. That part was important because it proves that Tubby Ted will eat almost anything somebody serves him.
Tubby Ted
Tubby Ted by Nick Varga
Peter and the Starcatchers Project
Tubby Ted's Sayings
Tubby Ted's Traits
Venn Diagram
Tubby Ted
Supporting detail: On page 248 the story writes: "There could be gorillas," said Tubby Ted. "What's gillas?" asked Prentiss. "gorillas," said Tubby Ted. "Big hairy jungle things. They swing through trees and grab you and take you to their nests.
I am tall
I have parents
I look on the bright side of things
He is short
He is an orphan
He looks on the dark side of things
Both boys
Both like food
Both get hungry a lot
Page 4 and 5: "It don't matter," said Grempkin, brightly, his mood improving. "Swim, sink, float- the sharks will take care of you boys before you get a chance to drown." "Sharks?" said James. "Big fish with lots of teeth," said Tubby Ted. "They eat people." "What if there is no people in the sea?" said Thomas. "What do sharks eat then?" "Whales," said Tubby Ted. "But they like people better, and there's plenty of people in the sea. Ships is always going down. I heard heard about one...OW!" "That's enough of your jabber," said Grempkin, who had a rule against to much jabber.
This proves the theory that Tubby Ted talks to much.
Fat- his name is Tubby Ted , Tubby means short and rather fat.
Easy-going- Tubby Ted always sleeps and never cares about anything except food.
Lazy- Tubby Ted never like doing anything, he always lays around, and does nothing.
I am partially skinny
He is fat
He has seen magic
I have never seen magic
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