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Forty-Niner Shops BTS Campaigns

Bookstore Manager Meeting July 8th, 2013

Tony Hoang

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Forty-Niner Shops BTS Campaigns

Forty-Niner Shops: Back to School (BTS)
BeachTech - Upper Level of the University Bookstore
What is there to eat?
Responsibilities and Task
Beach Shop - Apparel
Week of Welcome
Why should I go?
Is there going to be free stuff?
Are there activities that I can participate in?
What types of resources will be available to me?
Can I bring my friends?
What makes it "cool"?
Where can I get information about the event?
Front of the Bookstore
Contact a radio station to increase the entertainment portion of the event (^):
AMP Radio
Use Red Carpet Backdrop as an outlet for more entertainment and fun (^)
Creates less obstacles inside the bookstore
More space to talk and communicate with new students
Invite academic-based campus organizations to participate in the event as an extra incentive for students to attend (^)
Communication department will be in charge of creating guidelines, rules, and schedules.
Contact campus organizations to participate in the VIP Event through OrgSync (e.g. major-related organizations, fraternities, sororities, etc.)
Contact radio stations with a press release stating the event details
Maintain professionalism with outside vendors in all communication methods (e.g. in person, email, etc.)
Organize and map out event with locations of each representative
Provide parking details for radio station
Create itinerary of event along with times of special announcements
Implement deadlines for projects in order to make it a successful event
Pizza from Domino's
Water from Dasani
Churros Station
Popcorn Station
Cotton Candy Machines
Coffee from Starbucks
Candy Station
Where and why?
Food would to distributed upstairs to encourage students to come into the bookstore as well as visit the upper level does not get as much traffic as the bottom level.

BeachTech would also get exposure as our campus computer store.
BeachTech will participate in the VIP Event by providing games like the Wii console.
Computer stations will also be set up for students to play with the latest Microsoft, Dell, or Apple products.
Emphasis "ALWAYS" the best prices.
Important taglines:
"We can fix it!"
"Ask our Tech Staff"
"We are more than just Tech!"
Apple Rep. Presentation
Why is it beneficial to purchase laptop for college?
Location: Upper Level of Bookstore
Time: TBA
Speaker: TBA
Engage students in merchandise offered by the 49er Shops: sweaters, t-shirts, lanyards, mom and dad gear, picture frames, stickers, etc.
1. Invite vendors out to participate in telling their story as well as promoting the sponsorship between both organizations (^).
This allows students to gain a better prospective of brand collaboration and encourages them to purchase more products
2. Implement a strategy to increase the use of the SOAR Coupon
3. Free Giveaways
4. Raffle Tickets
5. 49er Shops Representatives
Reps would be scattered throughout the bookstore answering questions, tours, and talking about their experience in college
Increase traffic flow through the University Bookstore and drive sales to different locations that are interested in participating:
University Bookstore (Apparel, BeachTech, Copy Center, etc.)
Dining Services (BeachWalk, Starbucks, Outpost, Nugget, etc.)
Increase awareness and brand management through affiliating 49er Shops logo at events for The CSULB Bookstore, The Nugget, The Outpost, The Beach on 2nd Street, and all other events.
Create profitable margins by engaging clientele through an experiential marketing campaign allowing them to interact with the brand.

What do you want to achieve in the next four years?
Students are allowed to anonymously write on a post it note what they expect to do, where they want to be, and ultimately what they want to achieve in the next four years here at California State University of Long Beach.
Along with goals, students will have their picture taken with a polaroid camera to be posted on the wall.
All post-it notes will be collected at the end of the event and drafted into a graphic that we will display on social media
These achievements will be collected and compiled to give the 49er Shops a general idea of what to expect in terms of promoting student success for the Class of 2017.
Textbook Signage Examples
Red Carpet Backdrop
Increase traffic through social media accounts
Increase brand awareness through affiliating 49er Shops logo at all special events
VIP Event
SOAR Overnight with BeachTech
Bowling for Books
Commencement Week
Back to School Campaigns
Week of Welcome
National Student Day
Create profitable margins by engaging clientele in hands-on marketing campaigns allowing them to interact with the brand
Red Carpet
Carrying Bag
Social Media
"Spotted at the Beach" - #49erGear
The campaign will encompass the use of Instagram as an outlet for entry. Participants will take pictures of themselves in Beach Shop gear.
Take a photo of yourself, or with others, wearing your favorite CSULB gear
Share photos via Instagram
Tag #49erGear and @49erShops
Photos will be entered into a random drawing allowing for three winners to receive a gift card to the CSULB Bookstore (^)
"Got a Quote?"
The campaign will engage the audience in participating via Facebook by creating a caption that best represents the photograph
Got a Quote?
Take this flyer and learn more!
Don't be scared, graduation is here!
I love Grad Fair!
The Communication Department will be handling the table and informing students about the services and products we offer.
49er Shops stickers will be passed out.
Promotional items will be given out as freebies.
Textbook postcards will be passed out.
Reveal-a-Deal Scratch and Win cards will be given out to those who can answer this question: "Name one shop that the 49er Shops operates."
Red Carpet Backdrop with props will also be out there so students can engage in photographs"
Decorate promotional booth with black and gold balloons and streamers
The sustainability campaign will be held year round promoting the good efforts by the 49er Shops. By showcasing the good we have done, this will engage the audience in information that is providing the campus with sustainable resources. (^)
Textbook options are going green. Also, eBooks, used, rentals, and textbook buyback are also continuing the life of a book.
The purpose of this is to share the 49er Shops sustainability efforts in a way that students will care.
The sustainability campaign will be incorporated into both the University Bookstore and Dining Services.
Go Green, $ave Green
"Green" is the new Black and Gold
Event Set-up:
Front of Bookstore
Activities outside would enable more space to move around
Inside Bookstore
Manage activities inside that would attract students
Target Audience
Market the event to the 2,000 to 3,000 students that are moving in to the dorms from off campus and on campus dorms.
Academic-based Organizations:
Since fraternities and sororities are participating in the dorm move-in event, academic-based organizations have no participating. By involving these organizations, we are promoting the success of students getting involved in their future careers and also the academic life as well. Spots will be served at a first come, first serve bases as we have limited space (10 spots) to fill.
AMA (American Marketing Association)
SCA (Student Communication Association)
Students in Fashion
Psi Chi (Psychology)
Public Relations Student Society in America
Contact Diane Taylor to help promote the event to organizations
Contact facilities manager to get tables and chairs
Create event schedule, timeline, and contact list for the event
These ideas are based upon some of the activities we have done in the past and new ones as well.
What have we been doing with our vendors?
How can we create a relationship with our students?
How can we inform them of our services?
An incentive for vendors to come and participate would be to establish a relationship with these students who will be with the college for 2-5 years. By creating a relationship and informing the students, we will be able to build a well-known brand name for the 49er Shops.
In the past, we have done outreach by having students participate with both the Nugget Grill & Pub/ATOD with Mocktails.
Also, we have had an Apple Representative come out with BeachTech to inform student of their services and products.
What we want to do?
Brand the 49er Shops with the Nugget and BeachTech
Potentially incorporate Week of Welcome booth into Smorgasport
Continue the use of hangman signs to promote textbook options
Pass out generic postcards that will inform students about the affordable textbook options
Incorporate a previous idea of having bookstore employees wear a lanyard colored coordinated with each section with the "Save Money, Cover to Cover" as the face of the lanyard.
Purchase 12 Adcamp Kiosk
Promote the CSULB application on Smartphone devices enabling student to purchase their books via mobile device (^).

Continue the use of previous graphics for SOAR
Invitational Postcard
Raffle Entry (Proof)
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