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Amy Lee

No description

lottie weston

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Amy Lee

Early Career
- Amy Lee said that the first songs she remembered writing were called "Eternity of the Remorse" and "A Single Tear".
- The first was written when she was eleven years old and wanted to become a classical composer, and the second was for an assignment.
- Amy co-founded the rock band Evanescence with guitarist Ben Moody.
-They recorded two EPs, Evanescence EP (1998) and Sound Asleep EP (1999)
- In 2000, Evanescence recorded the longer EP Origin.
- 2003, Ben left the band
- Amy said "We're finally a real band, not just Ben and I and a few others thrown together".
- Ex-Cold guitarist Terry Balsamo replaced Ben Moody in the band, both on guitar and as Lee's writing partner.
- She designs all of her clothes for concerts including those worn in the music video for "Going Under", the dress worn for the cover of The Open Door and the dress she wore to the Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2011.
- She believes that she'd rather make her own clothes because it's hard to find what she exactly wants elsewhere. - She started designing at a young age, just making Halloween costumes but then she went on the make her own clothes and sometimes they even fell apart in class!
- Amy stated that her daily style is very different from when she performs; pointing out that she was wearing "something flowery" during the interview.
- Her on-stage wardrobe was meant to preserve the atmosphere of the songs and complete the image.
- When the band first started performing, she would wear corsets to avoid diluting the band's public image, but has gradually become more comfortable with her own style.
- Her current on-stage style is boots, a simple black tank top, a long skirt and various ornaments and accessories. - She has stated on a number of occasions that she would never flash her breasts or engage in other publicity stunts that would draw attention to herself.
- In the music video for "Everybody's Fool", she aimed to mock such artists by suggesting that celebrities who use sex to appeal to an audience are merely peddling "lies" (the unifying theme of the music video).
- Many fans praise Amy for her refusal to emulate other celebrities by using sex appeal in her music
-Amy Lynn Hartzler (maiden name Lee)
-Co-founder, lead singer in Evanescence.
-American singer-songwriter
-classically trained pianist.
- Influences: Mozart to modern artists Björk, Tori Amos and Danny Elfman
Early Life
-Born 13th of December 1981.
-Her parents were John Lee and Sara Cargill. -She had a brother named Robby and two sisters, Carrie and Lori.
-When Amy was six her sister died at just 3 years old.
-A lot of her songs were influence by the loss of her sister.
-Amy took classical piano lessons for nine years and can play piano/keyboard, harp as well as sing.
-Her family moved to many places throughout Amy’s childhood, such as Florida and Illinois, but finally settled in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Evanescence began.
Mrs. Amy Hartzler
- January 9, 2007 she revealed she had become engaged the prior evening.
- She later confirmed on EvThreads.com that Josh Hartzler, a therapist and long-time friend, proposed to her.
- The songs "Good Enough" and "Bring Me to Life" were inspired by him. -The couple married on May 6, 2007.
- They honeymooned near The Bahamas.
- She has posted that she is "now officially Mrs. Amy Hartzler.”
- Amy noted that she was writing new songs, possibly for a solo album project.
- Saying she has influences from folk and Celtic music, She gave no release date, but said "I need to show that I'm more than a one trick pony."
- she did not know whether or not she would begin a solo career.
-She noted that Evanescence was still together as a band but that she found touring to be monotonous. - she was continuing to write songs, though she did not yet know what purpose they would serve.
- Amy stated that she was "in a very different creative space then" regarding her previous work on new material but nothing from those efforts would be included in the band's album Evanescence, which was released on October 11, 2011.
Solo Album?
Beginning of Evanescence
Amy and Josh
Evanescence Albums
The Open Door-2006
In June 2008, the National Music Publishers' Association presented Amy with their 2008 Songwriter Icon Award, which "recognizes outstanding songwriters for their personal achievement"
Amy also became the American chairperson for Out of the Shadows in 2006. This organization is an international foundation with the goal of providing education about epilepsy. Lee's younger brother, Robby, was previously diagnosed with this condition.
In 2006, Blender listed Lee as one of the hottest women in rock alongside such singers as Joan Jett, Courtney Love and Liz Phair. In 2013, Lee ranked first in NME.com's "Hottest Women in Music" award.
Awards and Achievements
Updates and Websites
Twitter name:@AmyLeeEv
Websites: www.evanescence.com
Apps: Evanescence:mobile backstage
Amy Lee at 17
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