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No description

Sarah Chrzanowski

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Unicellular

A Multicellular Organism
Multicellular Organisms
Certain cells make up a certain tissue, that tissue makes up an organ, that organ makes up an organ system and all the organ systems make up the multicellular organism.
Therefore, the cells in a multicellular organism are specialized to do certain jobs/functions.
Multicellular Organism
Two organisms must be involved in reproduction.
A Unicellular Organism...
A Unicellular Organism...
A Unicellular Organism...
Which is Which?
Unicellular vs. Multicellular

Unicellular and Multicellular

is made of ONE cell.
The organism does everything it needs to do within one cell. All of its functions are controlled by the one cell.
Only one organism is involved in reproduction. It reproduces by itself through several different methods. One method is by splitting in half.
Unicellular Organisms...
are microscopic in nature
They are so small you have to use a microscope to see them.
A Unicellular Organism...
Mr. Single Cell performs all life processes
(eat, reproduce, rid wastes, move) on his own.

has a simple body construction.
is made of MANY cells.
I'm multicellular
Sexual reproduction
typically reproduces asexually
Multicellular Organisms..
I promise I didn't make up the word macroscopic...

It means it's observable by the naked eye.
are macroscopic in nature
A Multicellular Organism...
has complex organization
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