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Medical Discovery!

No description

Newcastle PARTNERS

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of Medical Discovery!

Today we're going to investigate the degree Medicine and what it can lead to!
To be a Doctor, you need to study Medicine at University!
But first,
We're from Newcastle University!
Doctors help people everyday!
What do you think they do?
Being a Doctor can be very rewarding!
Doctors can specialise in things
Patient 1:
Broken arm
Billy has fallen off his bike and his arm looks broken!
You, as the Doctor, need to treat people
Your patients are already waiting for you!
What's like to be a Doctor?
Medical Discovery!
A degree is a certificate you earn from a university after spending a few years learning about a subject
And what is a Degree?
What is University?
University is where people go after they finish school or college to get a degree
Sometimes you need a degree to do a certain job!
Treat ill people
Care for people
Prescribe Medicine
and so much more!
When a Doctor specialises in something, they become an expert in it!
Minor illness
Think of all the amazing things you could do if you were a Doctor!
Treat illnesses!
Life-saving operations!
Deliver a baby!
Find a cure for a disease!
So many exciting things!
So, do you have what it takes to be a Doctor today??
To make them better, you need to complete the activities and questions correctly!
We need to help him so that he is in less pain!
Well done!
Billy is recovering well due to your excellent Science knowledge!
Patient 2:
Wound dressing!
Holly has cut her arm whilst climbing a tree!
You need to protect her arm so it doesn't become infected!
Can you bandage up an arm?
Watch to see how it's done and then have a go yourself!
Well done!
Now Holly's arm will heal well!
Patient 3:
Racing heart!
After going for a run, Tom can't catch his breath!
He says he feels like his heart is pounding!
Can you listen to his heart to help Tom?
See how it's done and then have a go yourselves!
Do you know what this piece of equipment is called?
Well done!
Tom has calmed down and is now feeling better thanks to you!
Lets go treat your next patient!
Collar Bone
Tail Bone
Where do the bones go?
To help Billy, can you put the bones in the right place on the skeleton?
Patient 4: Chicken Pox
Chris has caught chicken pox from his sister!
We need to lower his temperature and stop him from itching!
To help Chris, can you place the body organs in the right place in the body?
So, where do the organs go?
Patient 5: Flu!
Jess has got flu, has a high temperature and fast heart rate!
Can you measure your pulse?
Now can you raise your pulse and measure it again?
Patient 5: Check - up
Emma has come in for her routine check- up!
You need to test her reflexes are normal
See how it's done and then give it a go yourself!
Now it's your turn to decide what your Doctor should be like!
On the body outline, design your own Doctor!
Well done!
You've been amazing Doctors for the day!
Does anyone have any questions?
Surgeons need steady hands when doing operations!
Let's test to see how steady your hands are!
Whilst you're in your groups designing your own Doctor, we're also going to test how steady your hands are!
Surgeons need steady hands when doing operations!
Group by group we'll test you, whilst you're designing your Doctor!
Not breathing?
You've checked your patients pulse and can't find anything...
Their heart has stopped beating!
Can you use CPR to save their life?
Let's see how it's done before you have a go!
Amazing! You've saved a patients life!
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