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Gideon L and L

No description

Shawn Groves

on 2 November 2017

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Transcript of Gideon L and L

Gideon LIberati L and L
Latitude lines go horizontal.
Longitude lines go vertical and are the second number in a coordinate.
Latitude line's go horizontal, they are found at the sides of the map
Longitude Lines go vertical and are found at the top and bottom of the map
Here is how to find a coordinate on a basic grid
9N, 7E
This is an actual coordinate map. Whats tricky about these are that the lines are curved due to the earth being round.

45N, 20E
The answer is Belgrade
The world is split by an imaginary line horizontally this line is called the equator. When above the equator its called north, when below its south.
Lets work two problems out on this map to show how the prim meridian and equator work
1. 60N 15W
There is another imaginary line that cuts the world in half again, vertically. The prime meridian
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